Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gandhi Peace Brigade /Bunker Busters Going to Israel. Then Where?

Dear Friends,

Leslie has returned to the CodePink House and plans to stay in DC until Congress hits the campaign trail. She's there to hold our representatives accountable during these last three weeks of the Congressional session. Click here to see Leslie standing up to Congress (and scroll down to see her photo):

Leslie is particularly concerned about Ackerman and his proposed naval blockade of Iran, H.Con.Res. 362. Last year he was willing to ride a bicycle in Iran to prevent a war. Now he wants our Navy to inspect the cargo of foreign ships before they enter Iranian waters. Petroleum is on the embargo list and Iran currently imports 40% of what it needs to meet its energy requirements. Does Ackerman think Iran will allow this blockade? How long will it take before this untenable situation provokes an "incident"? Do you think AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee) might have had something to do with his transformation? Please call him if you oppose this resolution: 202 225-2601.

Leslie has an appointment with Reva Price, an aide in Pelosi's office, to urge the Speaker of the House to oppose the sale of the 100 bunker busters this administration has recently decided to sell to Israel: They "penetrate fortified facilities located deep underground" and it's reported in The Jerusalem Post, "The bombs would likely be used in the event of an Israeli strike on Iran." Congress has thirty days to object. Please call your Congressional representative (202-224-3121) and ask her/him to oppose this sale.

On a more personal note ... I always miss Leslie when she's staying in DC, but I'm missing her even more than usual this time. I've been able to "seize the moment", however, and devote much of this time to reflection. The Axis of Friendship Festival last week touched me deeply. After the event, I realized how much my political activism has been motivated by anger. Granted, it's easy to be angry with Bush these days, but I don't want to feed into those feelings any more.

I've been meditating off and on for about thirty-five years. For the past two years I've taken a hiatus because I've been waging (raging?) this personal war with George W. Bush. I'm going to start meditating again. I want my life and my decisions to come from a deeper and more sacred place.

Leslie and I have been on the road for over a year and it's time for us to settle down. We're planning to return to Iran in December, so we need a place to stay until then. When we come back from Iran, we'll be traveling again and giving our Peace with Iran presentation around the country. But for now ... is there anyone in the Bay Area who has a granny unit sitting vacant in the back yard, an RV that's waiting for summer, an unoccupied apartment, or a sailboat in the harbor? If you'd like to provide a temporary home for two peace loving activists who are trying to make a difference in the world, please get in touch.

Peace and Freedom,

Jes & Leslie

PS Brad Newsham (San Francisco's Beach Impeach mastermind is at it again. Join him for "Ring Around the Chron!" every Thursday @ 12:20 pm for 15 minutes at The San Francisco Chronicle Building (5th and Mission St.). He wants The Chronicle to start reporting on Bush/Cheney/Pelosi's shredding of our Constitution and he hopes to have 300 people circling the building by the November 4 election. Here are some photos from the first event:

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Jes & Leslie ... A Journey for Peace and Freedom:

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