Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My DC House Internship, part III

By Lynn Rooks

Day 8

... so, to continue:

After our wonderful "Bush's Billionaire Bailout" action yesterday at the Treasury, we PINKs crashed Rep. Barney Frank's office. Insider insight... I secretly love watching administrative aids/Secret Service/passers-by twitch, wondering what we "crazy" patriotic protestors are going to do or say next. Anyway, the Congressman entered into our den o' Pink filling up his office lobby, and kindly responded to our urgent questions regarding Democrats' intentions for the "billionaire bailouts." Unfortunately I ran out of memory right as we got into the really juicy part. Did get some good stuff though... nothing quite like accountability created by personal visits and digital documentation!

Once we finished up w/ Frank, I decided to head over to the Congressional Library to do some research. So cool! First I had to get my library card-- a freakin' library card from the Library. Awesome. I spent a couple hours in the Law Library perusing Lexis Nexis, researching and printing up a War and Peace size stack of various House Resolutions, as well as active legislation passed within this Congress. It's amazing, I literally have the Defense Budget for 2009 at my bed-side... very curious stuff. Obviously the $$ amounts are staggering, but when you actually read this stuff line by line, you fully realize not only the troubling and obfuscatory nature of these things that are happening, but also the befuddling reality that we are each enrolled in the payment plan to make them happen! One such obscurity is the section I found on our program for eradicating the brown tree snake on our bases in Guam. Weird.

Anyway, I would highly encourage each of you to use every avenue available to learn what is really happening in our world, to sharpen every tool you can reach to carve out palpable change, and to never give up or get discouraged by the wealth of disturbing info you'll inevitably discover along the way. The biggest, best changes happen from the bottom up-- BE the change you wish to envision in this world!

Peace, always Peace.


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Thomas Rooks said...

I'm very proud of you for putting into effort the core beliefs shared by so many who choose inaction.
Non-voting, commenting from one's couch about current events, and occasionally complaining out loud have never been the recipe to a better society or more perfect union.
I think there was implied participation when the phrase "We the People...." was chosen.
I hope your time at the "Pink" house continues to be as productive as you can handle.
With great respect and affection,