Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Young Leaders Join CODEPINK to Lobby 02.19.08

Lower East Side Girls Club have arrived Tuesday 02.19.08

at the CodePink Palace to lobby for dire funding needs!!

This will be a taste of how our power process works or how Process is stressed over solution based foresight! We are delighted to be the example of what a citizen of the world looks like ....through A CODEPINK LENS

This group Lower East Side Girls Club was founded 11 years ago out of necessity as there were 3 Boys Clubs in a 10 block radius and nothing for the girls??????????? Nothing for girls in NEW YORK CITY!

We have been long awaiting our young superstars to arrive........these young leaders have brought with a great batch of new energy & vision of the world!!YIPPPEEEEEE
We are looking for a few donors to lend support with any financial help possible to continue the Girls Club programs ---------please encourage friends neighbors to write a check to help out !!
Thanks to all the volunteers & teachers for making this trip reality!!


Anonymous said...

Breatny_Spears - Baby One More Time

JimPreston said...

I see the future and IT IS PINK!!!!

CODEPINK Deidra said...

I am so excited about these girls being there! I went to JH104 on 2nd Ave and 21st St on the lower east side and then on to Brooklyn Tech HS.

If I was rich, I would give you girls a bundle! But I'll think of something cool. Keep your eyes open and you will learn so much about the world. Stay in touch!

JimPreston said...

deidra is rich where it counts!!!!

pachacindi said...

Yeah Young Women of the Code Pink Brigade! You are so Beautiful and so Inspiring!!!! This will truly be one of the most important educatinal opportunities you will experience. I had a very sad and yet inspiring experience as I walked the halls of congress with my Code Pink Sisters almost exactly a year ago. I wrote about it at can only reach this webpage if you put it in the address bar..not a search engine like google...(scroll down on the right side to archives and click on March)
A Big Pink Hug to All of You and those wonderful people that made it possible! I can't wait to read more about your experiences in DC...Write Often!!! and Remember!!!The People United CANNOT Be defeated!!!! Cindi