Monday, February 4, 2008

Maggie's CODEPINK DC experience 2008

Hi all,
There are not words enough to describe how rewarding my trip to the Pink House was! Everyone must go. My flight to BWI was only $199 for a round trip ticket. The fun began at the BWI train station when I asked a random gentleman if I was at the right track to ge to D.C. He smiled, told me I was, and then in fun said, "they won't let you in DC. You are one of those Pink ladies, aren't you? Bush doesn't want any more of you there." Every one knows the Pink Ladies! Once in DC I would be stopped on the street and asked for info about CodePink and for buttons.
Once your $6 train arrives in DC Liz, the hostess with the mostest, will meet you and take you to the Pink House. Liz was wonderful! It was like having your mother there checking on you all the time. The house is beautiful, and the food plentyful.
My first day was spent at Liz' trial. Oh my goodness. The officer that started the mess with Liz was not at the trial, and the two officers that were their testimony's seemed as if they had been in two different cities. Our sweet Liz was of course found innocent. What a nerve racking day that was!
The Pink Ladies are up at 7am every morning and are getting ready for their day at the Capitol. My second day was spent in a Senate Judiciary Committee, orange torture suits and all. What a sight Code Pink makes coming in. Our new Attorney General, Mukasey, was being questioned. Oh my goodness, I don't see how the Code Pink ladies have the patience to do this every day. Mukasey is worse that Gonzales. The next day was spent at an Armed Services committee. They were discussing how great we treat our soldiers. Everyone was in Pink that day. On my last day Liz took me to all my Congress men's offices, and more. We also had one meeting. While walking through the halls of Congress Liz knows all the congressmen, and they know her.
CODEPINK needs reinforcements, ladies and men! It is a mind altering experience, one everyone must do.


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LaFajita said...

Hi, Maggie! It was a pleasure meeting you up at the House last week, and I can't let you go without saying goodbye! And Gaia, too!

george said...

I find that the Violence in Kenya is more disturbing than what's going on in Iraq. We should organize a trip to that country and defend our African sisters!