Saturday, February 2, 2008

Archives visit -The Constitution

My first visit to the Archives long overdue!

Leslie Dez Ella ella Ellen & Jes wore Arrest



t-shirts with great honor!!

The Constitution Declaration of Independence Bills of Rights are on display!
Come to DC in March!!Visit Archives


Hecate said...

Seeing the Constitution always makes me cry like a baby. But then, so does the often long line outside the Archives of people waiting to see that sacred paper.

ntodd said...

I still have the copy I got at the CodePink house. Oh, and after I got home from DC, my copy signed by Dennis Kucinich arrived.

Apropos of nothing, I recommend "America's Constitution: A Biography" by Akhil Reed Amar. A fascinating read of the Constitution from the Founding to today, with context provided by contemporary events and writings.

LaFajita said...

Stoopid Question: did the security types at the Archives let you in?

I was with John Nirenberg last month, and "Impeach!" was definitely off THEIR table!

caterliz said...

Excellent Question

We wore our Tshirts Proudly
ARRest Bush-
Arrest Cheney -
Arrest Cheney First-
the security were pleasant friendly
and didn't say anything to us about the political message