Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gandhi Peace Brigade/ 400 Fasters Join Leslie

Dear Friends,

Today is the 21st day of Leslie's Hungry for Justice? Impeach him FAST! to pressure Congressman John Conyers and the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney. 400 people from Vancouver, Washington to Kennebunkport, Maine, have joined the fast, with more signing on every day.

Unfortunately, Leslie's not feeling well. Last summer she was taken to the hospital for dehydration during her Lieberman fast and at the time she promised her son she would end her fasts before jeopardizing her health. We don't want to lose the momentum established over these past three weeks, so we're asking for your help. She would like to ceremoniously break bread in Congressman Conyers' office to end her fast and then pass on the leadership role to a successor. This person would continue the fast and visit Conyers' and other Judiciary Members' offices until the next successor takes over, and so on, and so on ... until Congressman Conyers begins impeachment hearings. If you would like to take on a leadership role for the fast, please let us know. If you can't come to DC, but you still want to participate in the fast for a day or longer, please sign up here:

The fast coincides with an exciting new development in New Hampshire, where the state legislature began hearings on House Resolution 24, calling for impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney. The hearings have been spearheaded by Representative Betty Hall, a 14-term legislator. If the impeachment resolution passes, New Hampshire would join the Vermont Senate and 91 cities in a grassroots call for accountability.

This past week Leslie visited all of the Democratic Judiciary members offices to set up appointments for Betty Hall and her to talk about supporting impeachment hearings and signing onto the Wexler letter. "The call for impeachment continues to grow," says David Swanson of After Downing Street "If we get just three more members of the Judiciary Committee to come out for impeachment hearings, that will represent a majority of Democrats on the Committee, which will really turn up the heat on Chairman Conyers. The Impeachment Fast and the new developments in New Hampshire are helping to build the momentum."

The following Judiciary Committee members are the most likely to sign onto the Wexler letter. Please call them ...

  • Rep. Zoe Lofgren (202-225-3072)
  • Rep. Melvin Watt (202-225-1510)
  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (202-225-3816)
  • Rep. Bobby Scott (202-225-8351, Mon.-Fri.)

Also, please continue to call Congressman Conyers (202-225-5126, Mon.-Fri.).

Thank you for your support!
Much Love,
Peace and Freedom,

Jes & Leslie

Just for fun ... photos of Leslie, Jes and our CodePink Sisters from DC's High Heeled Race:

Jes & Leslie
... A Journey for Peace and Freedom:


caterliz said...

Can We all MAke these important phones calls !!!

leslie & other fasters need our help NOW! today!!

LaFajita said...

Congratulations on a noble effort. I will be up this week, hopefully to meet the person who takes up Leslie's fast; it helps to be able to add a face and a voice to the reason I am denying myself barbeque. Again. There is also the small matter of a certificate to be redeemed.

And oh, yeah, the congresscritters are hearing from me.

Anonymous said...

We are with you. Take good care.
Laurie Dobson

We will tell people about your fast tomorrow at the Town Hall in Kennebunkport when we deliver a writ of Indictment against Bush-Cheney!

ntodd said...

Peace and power to Leslie! I hope I can drop by Wednesday night and say hi to all my friends...