Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make Love Not War Kissin at the recruit center

CODEPINKers wish especially our Military a day filled with love ---
Happy Valentines Day 2008 Everyone - We Celebrated our vday with a song & dance celebration in the spirit of great LOVE outside the recruitment center in downtown DC!

Daniel in her beautiful pink coat joined us as we offered free hugs as an exercise in smiling for humanity and handed out plenty of bright pink stickers Make LOVE NOT WAR!

We had some Media!It was a cheerful exhibit of what CODEPINK does best promote peace through love and sweetness. Ellen & Jennifer pulled together a great song we sang it over and over and over .......Joan choreographed a dance skit and it came out smooth!!

Jes filmed every nanosecond.......The freepers group that protests us was there all 4 dedicated WAR MONGERS we bantered back forth and then even had some real dialogue ....jokingly we asked each of em' for hugs and kisses and one of my most ardent opponents on the streets smiled and GAVE UP A HARD hug --it was nice to see the shield come down.
We KISSe!!d Danced Sang Smiled and entertained countless !!!!! Support the Troops hate this illegal war!!!

After picking Des up at the Moultrie Courthouse, we continued our Valentines Day work by delivering personalized messages to Congress.

Above our pinkers deliver a loving message to Barbara Boxers' Legislative Assistant Sean. We were so proud of the grilling she gave Condi the day before that she earned this valentine:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Pink is for Peace,
And we're honoring you!


ntodd said...

Dayum, I miss you people.


LaFajita said...

Belated hugs and kisses in the spirit of the day! I would have delivered them in person but I'm a bit under the weather, and there are those things friends should not share.

H&K for hugging the war-worshippers. May your peace-cooties burrow into their souls.

H&K to Des for her ongoing confrontation with that Etch-A-Sketch@ the Kapitol Kops are using for a 'putor.

H&K to Gael for not making me eat my car (well, not yet, anyway).

And a big honkin' H&K to Leslie Angeline, who got a guy who can't say no to a cheeseburger to turn up his nose at solid food for three whole days - and to amaze himself at how difficult it wasn't. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Peace-cooties." That's absolutely brilliant. Good work, everyone. Keep it up. We're cheering for you here in Arizona!

Hecate said...

Goddess bless you for what you're doing!

JimPreston said...

We had another great day today.
Leslie and Liz will tell you about it soon.

as red as it gets said...

have you ever said thank you to our service people?

ntodd said...

have you ever said thank you to our service people?

Yes. And to the cops who detain us, too.

Have you ever thanked people who patriotically dissent and are trying to bring the troops home?

dfgdfgdfghh4hh said...

No they havent said thank you. They do know the meaning of sacrafice. code pink sucks. They are nothing but a bunch of takers who think this way of life is free and without bloodshed. The Revelotionary War was a war and without it we would not exsist.

Those guys have to fight two wars one in the middle east ant one at home.

Both the terrorists and code pink threaten our constitutuion and our freedom.


ntodd said...

dfgdfgdfghh4hh - put down the crack pipe before you comment. No, really.

as red as it gets said...

I would love to know what your thought is on the un

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