Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rolling in Style for Peace on K Street

Our stellar local CODEPINKDC supporter Jim P has been working
on wheels for the Peace Team to help in getting our props around more
effectively from action to action site!!Now we cover the capitol in a few minutes!!
There will be some interior design to take care of & some more attention to the exterior
our pink personalized touch! Sweet ride!!
here it is 02.05.08 primary tuesday the Peace Team covered K street with our Mega Phone
jay ellen did a great job getting our message out!!Lead US out of Iraq-be Presidential now
This was a practice preliminary run on the K street lobbyists strip here in DC --they (kstreet bandits) absolutely need our attention!!
from the PEACE TEAM DC!!


JimPreston said...

Indeed, that is how we roll.
I agree that we need to work on the decor. It looked better in the sunlight than on film.

george said...

I find that the Violence in Kenya is more disturbing than what's going on in Iraq. We should organize a trip to that country and defend our African sisters!