Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Code Pink Calling....

Sometime in early December I happened to open my email program to find a message asking for people to sign a pledge to have a peaceful holiday Season. I thought to myself... who wouldn't agree to do such a thing and how much easier could it be than to click on a link (provided) in the email? Once I clicked I was taken to a website where I signed my name to the pledge. There was a contest taking place there during the month of December and whoever happened to refer the most names pledging to engage in a number of suggested ways to keep the holidays peaceful would win a trip to Washington DC to stay in the "Pink House" where the women from Code Pink are headquartered just minutes from Congress.

My interest in the trip and contest was stimulated by a simple thought. "Wouldn't it be really cool if one of the tiniest communities in the US (The Methow Valley) was able to gather more peaceful participants than any other... even the largest of communities across America? Wouldn't that be a testament to the peaceful spirit of The Methow Valley?"Of course I would like to say... well gee... I never imagined our tiny little hamlet could do such a thing but in truth... I'm well aware that it only takes a spark to ignite a raging inferno. You learn that quickly when you live in a dry wilderness area surrounded by nothing but trees.... you can bet your astrals on that.

When I began personally calling people that I noticed had not responded to the initial call to action (they had a tally on the Code Pink website) I decided to call my buds Michelle Mondot and see if she would be interested in doing a little networking with her own friends and she responded with tremendous enthusiasm in the affirmative and also stated that she would LOVE to go with me if in fact we did win. Well folks... that was all it took because it was then that I knew "IT WAS ON".

I canvassed the Code Pink site daily... ok... actually... hourly at times to keep an eye on the numbers and who was doing what in terms of getting signatures on the pledge. Any time I saw someone inching up... Michelle and I would send out more requests to motivate those who we had not seen respond to previous requests. I have to admit... it was an ultimate networking success to say the least. KUDOS to all of us... and we all know who WE are eh?

So it is... Michelle and I departed for the other Washington (yep... we come from the big Washington... as in state) on February 23rd (thanks to all of you who signed the pledge) and spent the evening in Spokane Wa. so we would look and feel as fresh as daisies... well... I felt like a Rose but I'll have to ask Mich what she felt like... ha. I don't get out much obviously and I live in a town of less than 300 people and I believe half of them if not more are only part time residents. We were on our way to DC to meet the famously notorious Code Pink people who would be sharing with us how to apply activism in a results oriented manner among other things.

CULTURE SHOCK!!!! Whew... this place doesn't operate on what we so lovingly refer to as Methow time at all. NO... everything that takes place around here takes place FAST... and if you aren't fast... you will get left eating the dust these trailblazers make in their wake I tell ya. I'm still trying to get over my dizzy spell. These women might wear some funny lookin duds at times and make a lot of noise... but I can tell you one thing... they are both SERIOUS... and they KNOW THEIR STUFF. It is amazing watching and listening to them throw the facts out there at those less informed. I'M IMPRESSED.

Hopefully I'll be able to pump up the volume and keep up with them tomorrow since I haven't been feeling well (unfortunately) since the day Michelle and I left WA. I call myself the cellar dweller since I have spent most of my time here so far in the basement working on an AWESOME banner that reads Pro Peace *Pro Soldier. I was looking forward to showing it off but its raining and I don't think I used waterproof paint... rats! Maybe before I leave I'll get that opportunity. Before I get off here to prepare for tonights pot luck.... I'd like to throw a HOLLA out to my Cosmic Crew (do ya miss me guys and gals... I sure miss you and wish you were here)
So I'm off to engage in some real Democracy... wish me luck ya'll... Cosmic Rose (Rose Hughes) Methow Washington... USA.


JimPreston said...

Welcome to Washington, Rose and Michelle!!!

cosmicrose said...
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cosmicrose said...

Hola Jim!

I sure have been blessed to meet you... and I had a wonderful time engaged in counter recruitment with you and Liz. It has been one of the most rewarding and satisfying part of my personal participation at Code Pink due to the overwhelmingly positive reactions from the locals there in that area. Amazing how the more impoverished are seemingly the most aware of what is taking place with the current administrations illegal... immoral activities... and lies.

This has been an eye opening experience for me to say the least. I'll certainly be taking a lot of useful feedback home with me to share with my local community. As Ali-G would say... RESPEC! (knock da rock dude) Indeed... many of you have touched my heart and soul with your selfless service to the collective well being of humanity. Mi Casa Es Su Cassa dawlin... I look forward to celebrating with you the IMPEACHEMNT of the entire administration in the near future. Of course that can never been soon enough but KARMA will see to it that these criminals shall be held accountable for their behavior... or so the Universe has whispered into my cosmic lil ears.

With all due respect and recognition of the evolved souls that I have mingled with this past week... I offer you my most profoundly humble Cosmic Salute!!!