Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oil Change Press Conference 02.22.08 IPS

It is criminal to allow US & British OIL companies i.e.EXXON, CHEVRON,BPSHELL
to divide up the natural resources and profit from OIL during an ILLEGAL Occupation!
IRAQ should control there own resources!!

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JimPreston said...

This was an important event, particularly from the perspective of the American people showing some respect for the Iraqi labor movement. Labor unions are currently illegal, or almost illegal, in Iraq, and without adequate labor protections, the Iraqi oil production facilities will probably be managed by Americans and Europeans,staffed by Asians, and have the bathrooms cleaned by Africans. What will the Iraqi's do? I'm not sure, but I doubt that they will sit around singing the Star Spangled Banner, if you know what I mean.

The US should be providing capital funds to the Iraqi's to rebuild their production facilities with Iraqi labor, not prying open the door for private investment and imported labor. We are witnessing these short-sighted, greedy, thieves sow the seeds of more violence and suffering. Naturally, they do it with suits and ties on, in the name of progress.

They call it progress, as they march toward war. Just stupid.

love is the answer, I am sure,
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