Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mother on 21st Day of Fast Arrested at Sen. Lieberman's Office: Asking Senator to Promote Diplomacy, Not War With Iran!

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Outraged that Senator Lieberman has publicly called for bombing Iran, CODEPINK member Leslie Angeline, 50, from Santa Rosa, CA, began a hunger strike to get a meeting with the Senator and was arrested in the senator's office today at around 11 a.m. while asking for a meeting.
The senator was speaking on the floor of the Senate around the time of the arrest. Arrest happened very quickly after the group entered the office. Leslie is now in the 21st day of the fast, and the Senator has still refused to meet. On June 28, Angeline fainted in his office and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Angeline refused to end her fast and is now in her 21st day.

Angeline recently returned from a citizen diplomacy trip to Iran with the group Global Exchange. "When I heard that Lieberman said he thought we should launch military action against Iran, I couldn't help but think of the 70% of the Iranian population who are under the age of 30-—the age of my son. Iran is a country of warm, kind, and generous children and their families. We cannot bomb these kids," says Angeline.

Angeline is anxious to meet with Senator Lieberman to explain why an attack on Iran would turn 70 million Iranians, now mostly friendly to the US, into enemies and would undermine US security.

In the past, when Angeline has gone to Senator Leiberman's office, they have threatened to call the police if she stays for more than 10 minutes. This time, Angeline was quickly arrested.


JimPreston said...

THanks for the post. I'm sorry I wasn't there. Peace be with you, Leslie. Be careful.

Ryan from Richmond said...

Leslie, I am very proud to know such a woman of great character. My thoughts are with you. Peace and Love.

dancewater said...

Thank you Leslie for standing for what you believe and for leading the way.