Sunday, October 26, 2008

Neighborhood Block Party -Commuinty Building

Today marked the inaugural block party for 5th st between F & G marked with many fun kid games and activities like face painting, water balloon baseball, hopscotch for cupcakes,and dancing. This was a nice way to spend sunday promoting our Peace Platform on the block!

There were a couple of people who were completely unaware of CODEPINK and it was my pleasure to elaborate on What CODEPINK stands for!

The Majority of our neighbors were delighted to have us on the block appreciate our work and seem very knowledged on the issues of importance like the ongoing illegal War in Iraq Illegal eavesdropping etc...........


Anonymous said...

Your organization has my pity. You are obviously too blinded by your emotions to see this world for what it is. I pray to God you will recieve his forgiveness, you certainly don't have his respect.

caterliz said...

sounds like you are having a bad day!!
Don't pity me or this org
it's a waste of good energy
and besides there is alot of injustice to right!!
why don't you work on CLOSING GITMO --bring back american values