Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Liz Foot Injury Update Oct 22

This is a quick report back on my foot injury suffered from the Oct 15th- last debate in Long Island New York when the equestrian police incited violence on the Vets and other anti illegal war activists!At the time i was just doing my job taking photos of the action and the police brutality in motion when the horse patrol stepped on my foot.My friend Jim was on hand right next to me and helped move me into the safety zone quickly on the sidelines.

The need to share this was based on the overwhelming outpouring of friends and people from all over the world who keep writing and calling me to check on my well being!!
Thanks to everyone for the concern & support!!We can be assured people are watching and care
about the front line Peace community!
Yesterday Miss Desiree looked at the sore spot and made me go to the hospital!Good thing!

We spent the entire day in emergency YUK it avoided further problems.Tetnus shot some antibiotics and pain meds so i am just trying to get better now!My doctor told me this infection was moving rapidly to the bone.


ntodd said...

OUCH! I hope you heal quickly (otherwise maybe you and I can hobble together Inauguration Week as my bad ankle refuses to get better). Peace and love...

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Desiree. You need to take care of yourself. We need you there fighting for us!

caterliz said...

Thank you everyone!!

Let's all Pray for Nick!! Write letters to New York Nassua County Police Media outlets that ignored this outrageous abuse & the police brutality -It felt very violent without warrant and we need to pursue the MEDIA or better BE THE MEDIA
Totally Unacceptable!!
The police should not be beating and stepping on OUR VETS!!!!Police inciting violence is a tactic that trys to blame Peaceful protesters simutaneously....we were calm peacelike nonviolent without exception at Hofstra U Oct 15!

LaFajita said...


Liz, I've become more familiar with your big toe more than I really wanted to, but it's good to know you're on the mend.

Best wishes to Nick Morgan, his codefendents, my brothers and sisters of VFP and IVAW, and my sisters and brothers of Code Pink.
And would someone please tell Jeanine Bonaparth that LaFajita wants to have her children (if that were possible:):):)

Anonymous said...

who the fuck gives gives a shit about that disgusting fuckin piece of shit growing out the end of your ankle, and ntodd, you are one flaming faggot, you look like the kind of guy that would fuck someone in the ass and not even have the god damn common curtesy to give him a reach around, i hope you die asshole, and caterliz, you need to shut the fuck up, you're lucky the police stepped in or someone else would have done a lot worse, like me, and my lead pipe, fuck the night stick shit, i'd rape ya with it, and lafajita, i bet you ave become real familiar with her big toe, do you giggle when when she sticks it up your ass?

caterliz said...

Sounds like you have anger management problems!
Let's talk about the issues not be distracted with hate team

the Vets should never being beat down and stepped on by SHOULD BE PEACE OFFICERS

somewhere someone loves you
You Need a Mad HUG

LaFajita said...

Good news - Nick Morgan has had an operation for his injuries.

More good news - God loves hotsalsa just the way he is.

Even better news - She loves him too much to leave him that way.

Eileen Coles said...

Glad you got the tootsie looked at, Liz. I'm sorry this happened.