Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ghosts of War Trial ongoing

The trial has started today for the March 12 nonviolent civil resistance action at the Capitol

10 of our social justice activists friends face the judicial system once again for efforts of dissent toward ENDING THE ILLEGAL WAR of Occupation in Iraq!!

We CODEPINK sisters applaud the dedication, courage,committment to justice in Iraq,and the constant efforts toward setting the example of DIRECT Nonviolent action!!

Speaking for myself this group has taught me many important lessons ie leadership in times of war through actions that sacrifice the usual comforts of life.

Support Peace Groups in any way possible

We need constant support!!

Give Peace A Vote in 2008

Poll workers are in demand -WE MUST ALL PROTECT the VOTE!!

by liz


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LaFajita said...

I read the verdict on Dave Swanson's blog, and I regret your loss in court. Best wishes to you and your friends for a dismissal of charges and a thorough investigation of our very own local Maryland "Troopergate" scandal.