Friday, October 17, 2008

Dc team in New York - Day #1 of 3 update

DC Codepink on the road to promote the peace vote in the big city -NYC

The CODEPINK DC peace team went to New York for the last Presidential debate at Hofstra University in West Hempstead Long Island Weds Oct 15th.We went straight to the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central station (as we arrived 2 days early) to meet-greet McCain's liar express.We got out on the streets before 6pm with Tiger as McCain.Tiger made our Cheney Puppet Head into a McCain version.It was a professional effort thus very realistic!McCain look-a-like commanded much attention in a very congested part of the big city.It was great action because Tiger was the best Insane McCain.

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Elaine Clermont said...

Hi ... A CODE PINK ALERT ... i'm an old code pinker from LA now in "purgatory" (aka las vegas) ... something i just became aware of, so I hope you are back in DC ... this is something i sent out on my MySpace Bulletin and felt compelled to share it with you.

further to my Blog on the globalization structure creation currently under construction by Mr. Bush ... ARE YOU WATCHING? The following was announced in the "Press Gaggle" this morning ... I've been on Yahoo! on and off today, this was posted by the AP less than 2 hours ago ... hmmmm.

First, do a search for "Non-governmental Organizations" ... the rise in the number of these organizations is astronomical. Usually thought of as the vehicle for the indigenous people of the world who do not want to associate with the traditional nation-state organizations, this is now a tool of the global wealth power brokers in the establishment of the new order of global economics. Just the change in the Wikipedia entry since last Winter is quite fascinating. Go on, search it, see what you find ... alas, the new structure.

What does it mean to you? East Coast peeps ... are you going to be visiting this Summit to tell them what you want? IF WE DO NOT USE OUR VOICE, THE WORLD WE HAVE IS THE WORLD WE WANT.

... THE 21ST OF OCTOBER 2008 ...

Bush hosts international aid summit
"The event brings together about 500 representatives of nations — from Africa to Romania — that receive U.S. aid; faith-based organizations; and non-governmental, private and public leaders from the United States and the developing world."

Bear-in-mind that many of the NGO people he is meeting with are honorable, they are well intentioned ... but the crafter of this new structure is NOT. Using NGOs who do what they do as a gift for humanity, is a tool like Mr. Bush's "Faith-based initiatives" executive order has done to the churches of our nation. The shift of NGOs who are gift-based into those who are more and more exchange-based (e.g., we will do good to get these compensatory advantages from our government) creates a great imbalance and NEW FORM OF SLAVERY:

"The many examples of actual slavery that have poisoned human history are evidence of the tendency to place groups of people in constrained giftgiving positions through 'owning' them. Women of all races and cultures have also often been in these positions with regard to their husbands, whether or not they were actually 'owned.' In order to accumulate capital, surplus gifts must come from somewhere. Slavery provided that surplus 'free' to the slave 'owners' in the South of the US, for example, though it cost immense human suffering to the slaves." - Genevieve Vaughan "For-Giving: A Feminist Criticism of Exchange"

thank you for considering it for a CODE PINK action in D.C. your sister in purgatory ...

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'