Thursday, August 21, 2008

Road to the DNC, Part 2: Rocky Times on the Way to the Rockies!

The Code Pink “Peacemobile” was cruising through Illinois yesterday, when suddenly the RV “just started shimmying,” according to those inside the beast. Fortunately, a close friend of Mike from Mansfield, IL, saw us in trouble, and knew just whom to call: Mike, from Mansfield, IL!

Mike's friend snatched up his cellphone: “Bro, there's a giant white RV on the road with 'Impeach Bush' painted on the back of it, and it looks like they're in trouble!”

Mike, a big fan of impeaching this president (for some reason)*, answered the call: “I'll be right there!”

Over the next few hours, Mike (from Mansfield, IL) came to the rescue of Jim, Liz, and friends, lending his time, vehicle, political awareness, and his dolly to helping Code Pink obtain and affix replacements for TWO flat tires (flat enough, anyway), in order to get us back on the road to Denver.

With an avalanche of gratitude and a spiffy Code Pink shirt, we left Mike behind... to return to Mansfield, IL, presumably (we hope they know how lucky they are to have him!).

The next stop for Code Pink was the Nebraska farmhouse of Jay's relatives.

After a good night's rest, Liz, Jim, Alicia, Jay, Aaron, and DJ found themselves enjoying an “amazing” farmhouse breakfast: farm-fresh eggs, Nebraska home fries, English muffins, clementines, and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden (finally, Alicia had something green to chop into small, diced bits, suitable for her classic salad).

The neighbors came and checked us out in the morning. Sensing that history was in the making, they took some photographs (wouldn't you?).

Well fed and rested, it was off to DENVER!

And Denver is where Code Pink has just now arrived!

Liz reports that the “Peacemobile” has reached its temporary destination, our Denver campsite: “We've bought some more paints, and we're in town scoping things out, looking around.”

That's right: In addition to the “Peacemobile,” Code Pink DC/Denver has bikes, including the recumbent, and we've got roller blades (We're many times mobile, baby!). Plus, we've got Jay and Jim and DJ and Liz and Aaron and Alicia (who could ask for anything more?).

Aaron is painting, and we are getting ready for the DEMOCRATS and the CONVENTION!

With any luck, WE'LL SEE YOU THERE!!!

*I can't imagine why Mike wants this president impeached: An illegal war based on lies? “Legalized” torture? Warrantless wiretapping? Using the Constitution for toilet paper? Perhaps Mike has Nancy Pelosi's EYES, BRAINS, OATH of OFFICE, and CONSCIENCE??? Somebody must!

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misa said...

I miss you guys! GIVE THEM HELL at the conventions we will be watching..PEACE Lisa Petry