Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Banners R US

It was incredibly exciting to have 3 new faces come help out within 3 hours 5 banners were completed for the Conventions.
We were productive while enjoying detailed conversations with our new friends.I know Ace from Capitol Hill.He is a tour guide at the Capitol.He is a disgusted constituent of Steny Hoyer in the 5th district of Maryland.My advice is write your name in on the ballot! We need change starting with fake dems like Steny!The other 2 we outreached at the Hiroshima/Nagasaki event with the Hibakusha last week.We gave a quick CODEPINK blurb to entice some activist interest and they SHOWED UP !!! yippeeeeee........What a relief people showed up in August to help make banners.
They were so interesting having just come back from Iran with story after story to share.The energy was great and we zipped 5 banners.

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JimPreston said...

Sounds great!! See you soon!!