Thursday, August 7, 2008

Linda, Hillary (not clinton) and I (Devon) spent a couple of hours in Coral Gables, FL listening to Pelosi yammer away about her new book explaining her rise to power. Oh, she went on and on about breaking the (200 year old) marble ceiling, being the first women speaker of the house (an admirable feat, no doubt) and how every woman in the room should "know thy power". What she failed to mention was that having it and executing it are apparently mutually exclusive. I'm not sure she even realizes the irony in her speech about the importance of creating a disturbance. She more or less likened herself to some of the greatest creators of disturbance, ie: Martin Luther King, Alice Paul, Susan B. Anthony, etc as if just getting the job was the full accomplishment. She was also really good about condemning the Bush administration for everything under the sun as if the complicity of the spineless democratic congress (with Ms. Pelosi as the C1 vertabrae) in no way contributed to our current straits. Really remarkable. There were many Pelosi non-fans in the audience but all were respectful and held their tongues, which was difficult at times. At the grand finale, while some adoring fans stood clapping others of us stood and took our positions. Hillary was very thoughtful to bring along an extra spine as apparently dear Ms. Pelosi has misplaced hers. Mitchell of Books and Books, the facilitator of the event told us that Nancy and her daughter did, in fact, see the spine and commented to him about it. What those comments were, I don't know. Quite possibly, she has never seen one.
Peace, y'all


CODEPINK said...

Hey hey what do ya say
Pelosi should be IMPEACHED TODAY!
Hilary I MISS YOU!!!
Hello Devon Good work
Showing up means the PEACE Message is
in the audience SPEAK up!
Thanks Florida CODEPINKERS for showing some spine by being in PINK at this book signng!

CODEPINK said...

Hi Devon, nice post! The title of Pelosi's book is INDEED ironic (for crying out loud, will someone introduce Pelosi to Ron Suskind so she can "see a crime?") Good job, Florida Code Pink!