Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road to the DNC, Part 1

Code Pink is on the road to Denver, with bicycles, roller blades, bullhorns, banners, T-shirts, pink umbrellas... and, of course, those scalawags, Chain Gang “George” and “Dick!” (Thank you, Bill Moyer!)

Jim, Liz, Alicia, Jay, and friends are heading out of Indianapolis this morning, rolling out in Jim's “Peace-Mobile” RV, complete with an updated paint job on the truck, courtesy of Alicia, Jay, and Aaron.

...not that the RV didn't look AWESOME yesterday when Code Pink left DC behind, all decked out in bright and beautiful colors, with great illustrations, too! On Sunday, Jim, Jay, and friends decorated the RV with Peace and Social Justice messaging, including some great calls for clean energy in addition to our normal Pro-Peace, Anti-War message (...because “Peace IS Green,” baby).

When I checked out the freshly painted RV yesterday, I also saw “Hug an Arab!” on the driver's side -- I'm definitely going to give that a try, so heads up, local Arabs, you'd better keep your eye out for me: I'm buggin' for some huggin'...

But here's the great thing about that RV: Jim has given our ride a “Wash & Erase” plain white surface, ready for DAILY Peace and Social Justice messaging. Thus, it can be constantly updated! This will be a fun activity for fellow progressives and the public, especially once we get to Denver and Minneapolis!

In the meantime, according to Liz, fellow travelers on the interstate seem to be enjoying our Pink presence on America's highways, honking for peace and signaling their approval (two fingers are better than one, I always say).

“Not a lot of people get to see this kind of thing,” said Liz, but thanks to Code Pink a lot of drivers this August are in for a treat!

We'll keep everyone posted, but in the meantime: THANK YOU, JIM, for being so generous, donating your RV and time to Code Pink's efforts at this year's conventions! I don't know who died and made you da' man, but clearly, You da' man!

(It may have been Isaac Hayes -- we miss you Isaac!)


ntodd said...

Ah, the Prom Mobile converted into a Peace Mobile! Love it, and all of you.

steve mihalis said...

that is generous of jim.he`s pretty awesome, as are the rest of you.have fun,and be careful!!!!

LaFajita said...

To quote Chef (well, kinda), "Good luck, children, and make sweet love, not war!" (Yeah I miss him, too).

Wishing you all safe journeys.

LuluMom said...

Great work all!

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