Monday, August 4, 2008

Gandhi Peace Brigade / Leslie's Week in Washington, DC

Dear Friends,

Leslie has just returned from Washington, DC. We're currently staying in a friend's lovely San Francisco flat overlooking the Castro. As you may know, when we returned from Iran last year, we left our home behind and traveled to Washington, DC to become full time activists/lobbyists for diplomacy with Iran. There are times when we miss having a "normal" life, but we also understand how important it is for us to be out there talking about the positive experiences we had in Iran.

Nancy Pelosi is currently on a book signing tour and spoke in DC. She had appeared on The View earlier in the week and suggested impeachment is off the table because "there is no evidence President Bush has committed any criminal acts." CodePink came to the book signing and Gael Murphy handed her pages of impeachable criminal acts.

Leslie shook her hand and introduced herself as a constituent. Gael interjected,"She's been fasting because she's so concerned about H.Con.Res. 362." Pelosi looked a little puzzled, and as Gael began to explain, she realized it was about the proposed naval blockade of Iran. She responded by saying, "If there's a vote to go to war with Iran, I'll vote no." Leslie asked, "Then why did you vote for $400 million for covert activities [in Iran]?" Pelosi was taken aback by the direct question and waved her hand to suggest that Leslie should go away. Security moved in and ushered CodePink out the door.

The next day Leslie spoke with Congressman Ackerman in his office, after a two day sit-in and four days of fasting. He agreed to talk with her, saying,"This isn't a pre-condition, but if I meet with you, you have to eat something." When they got together, they "broke bread" and Leslie ended her fast.

Leslie talked about her wonderful experiences in Iran and Ackerman agreed,"Yes, the Iranians are beautiful people... I don't want war." "No, I don't think you do," said Leslie, "but I'm very concerned about your resolution, H. Con.Res. 362." She asked him to hold hearings on whether or not sanctions work and he asked "Why would I do that?" Leslie explained that the sanctions didn't work in Iraq, but were responsible for the deaths of half a million children.

They talked about Ahmadinejad and his re-election in March. "He's very unpopular, so he won't win unless we attack them. Iran is a very ancient, sophisticated culture; they can take care of themselves. We just need to leave them alone."

Ackerman expressed his concern that "Iran is enriching uranium to develop a nuclear weapon." He believes they aren't allowing the IAEA to conduct their inspections, but Leslie disagreed. "Iran is in compliance with the IAEA and both the NIE and the IAEA have said there is no evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon." They argued back and forth until Ackerman offered to go on a hunger strike if Leslie could show him evidence that Iran is allowing the IAEA to do its inspections. "You don't need to do that, just withdraw your resolution," Leslie insisted.

"OK," he said, "If you can show me evidence that Iran is allowing the IAEA to do its inspection, I will withdraw my resolution."

If you have any "evidence", please reply to this newsletter ...

Peace and Freedom,

Jes & Leslie

Leslie in DC for Peace with Iran and Impeachment Slideshow

Join us for a FREEZE to STOP A WAR WITH IRAN this Wednesday, August 6 (Hiroshima Day) at 5:00 pm, Powell and Market in San Francisco.

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Jes & Leslie
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Thanks Leslie for all your work toward a peaceful resolution
CODEPINK DC loves you very much

HUGS to Jes
Keep up Speaking Out
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