Tuesday, April 15, 2008

War Mongers on Capitol Hill on TAx DAY 04.15.08

Tax Day & we (Midge Des Liz & Louann) are waiting outside the hearing room to interact with Miss Condi the puppet Robert Gates another mouthpiece for the administration and FBI Director Mullen before they testify yet again! We respectfully request every tax payer withhold 7% of their federal taxes in protest to this illegal unjustified immoral war !!
STOP BUYING BUSH's never ending lies death and destruction by taking a stand with your $$$$$$$$$$
If you Pay for it you own it!
Resist & Promote life affirming programs
We are encouraging everyone to work for PEACE
Diplomacy Good Neighbor Attitude and End Poverty


Midge, Des, and Liz stage performance art in the hall outside the House Armed Services Committee hearing in which Rice, Gates, and Mullen were testifying.