Monday, April 28, 2008

04.28.08 Truckers Speak Out RE High Diesel Prices

There was a March Rally Press Conference and Lobby effort organized by 4 long time Interstate Truck Drivers that feel outraged over the Price of Diesel, Heating Oil, and gasoline! This has been an ongoing issue that hasn't improved that is the impetus to bring the voices of truckers their families and people that could take part as solidairty to DC- right to the doorsteps of an Impotent Congress. A Congress that has made the US weaker with our continued weak energy policy and continued dependence on fossil fuels and made no significant inroads toward solutions.
CODEPINK Women For Peace dispatched the PINK Police force to escort the truckers to the Capitol for a lobbyng day after the march from RFK stadium.
What a beautiful feeling to see hundreds of working class people take to the streets /roads and stand up for the livelihod of all Americans that rely so immensely on truckers for our own prosperity in ways.When the truckers stop everything stops!!

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