Wednesday, April 16, 2008

04.16.08 Iraq Supplemental Funding Hearing

Gael Midge Des Gen Tracey Holly & Lizz went to the Iraq Funding Supplemental Hearing

Senator Byrd gave US a warning early into this important hearing!He wouldn't tolerate any protestors acting out of line!

I acknowledged him with a Yes Sir -

After 5 years of endless money into the continued endless no exit strategy in Iraq several of the war funding senators complained about the situation. They have reservations about givng more money when there is no evident improvement or benefit in sight.

The lesson learned today Persisitence works on the long term-Keep speaking truth to POWER &
Speak up often LOUDLY!

The power brokers are listening & paying attention FNALLY!
Let's provide reparations to Iraqis ---then reconstruct New Orleans first!

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