Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Report from 1st Petraeus hearing in senate - april 8th 2008

I was in the hearing earlier this morning. Most of the CP house crew got in dressed in black mourning gowns with pale face makeup to demonstrate the ongoing killing as a result of the U.S. occupation. They were getts lots of attention from the media before the hearing began.

Tighe and I were under cover so we could try to put banners up. When John McCain was speaking I stood up on my chair with a banner that said:

Listen Senator McCain
~ General Petraeus

I held it up while yelling SENATOR MCCAIN, THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION for about 15 seconds before Levin banged the gavel and said this was a warning and that the next disrupter would be removed from the hearing. The Capitol police took my banner and let me sit back down in my seat.

A little while later, Tighe held up his banner, but did not speak out, so they took it from him and let him sit down.

Not long after that, a friend of ours, Zool, started yelling "Bring them home" over and over. He was removed and arrested. WHile he was being dragged out, several pink signs such as "END THE WAR" were visible on the CNN footage.

I came home to blog this stuff, but am going back for the afternoon hearing.

Pasted below my signature are some links to news stories that mention our protests. Reuters photos attached.

~ Midge






ntodd said...

Great job, peeps! Folks were watching C-SPAN and noting the disruptions over at Eschaton...

JimPreston said...

At the end of the Armed Services Hearing, when you sang, the C-Span radio crew just let the singing be heard for the entire time. No Commentary!!! At the end of the singing, they said "Sound from the Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing Room, where anti-war protesters are singing".

I just saw Ellen at the end of the report on the first hearing on NewsHour!!
Very nicely done!!
See you soon!!

crazies said...

should the rest of the nation change its ways to appeal to a small sect of crazy women? this nation was founded on the idea of acting on behalf of the majority. you remain the MINORITY. if you have such issues with this fine nation, please relocate. i'm sure they would be glad to have you in Iraq.

crazies said...

if you have such a problem with this fine nation, while you remain the minority, why don't you go somewhere else. should the nation change to appeal to a small sect of crazy women?

Anonymous said...

I had quite an email exchange with the San Francisco chapter last week. All I wanted were answers to a few logical questions concerning the groups values and views. The responses never addressed the questions I had asked and always ended with the person recruiting me to join them. At the end I had to laugh. These people can't answer logical questions without admitting they are traitors and have American soldiers blood on their hands.

CODEPINK said...


Please feel free to ask me your questions, and I will indeed give you answers.

"Blood on your hands"

I would have to say those statments are not true of us CODEPINK patriots, but those are true characterizations of the Bush administration. George Bush and Dick Cheney led America into a war based on lies of WMDs the have been proven to be blatantly false. Now, they maintain an occupation while they make profits for themselves and their friends by giving "no bid" contracts to multi-national corporations such as Halliburton, KBR and Bechtel. Basically, it is Bush and Cheney who are profiting off the blood of American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civillians. By the way, I doubt it is a coincidence that Vice President Cheney's previous job was as the CEO of Halliburton.

Midge Potts

cosmicrose said...

I'd like to respond to crazies questions and statements. He/she/it asks...

should the rest of the nation change its ways to appeal to a small sect of crazy women?

I'd say... no more than the rest of the nation should trample and bastardize its constitution and change its ways in order to placate a small NEO-CON sect of crazy people who are supposed to be our representatives.

Crazies then states (although not completely accurately) that this nation was founded on the idea of acting on behalf of the majority

Which is only half truth because firstly THIS nation was founded by a MINORITY who had major issues with the manner in which their own country was being directed. Had they not loved their own sense of JUSTICE or desire for liberty more than their national identity where would that have left you? The United States of America was created to be a Constitutional Republic in which majority rule is tempered by minority rights protected by law. You must first know that the difference between a republic and a democracy is that a democracy is ruled by an unlimited majority which lacks legal safeguards to the rights of the individual and the minority. IS THIS WHAT YOU SUPPORT? If so... you do not support the intentions of the founders of this nation and you would be much happier elsewhere.

The reality is the founders created

Which is ruled under a majority limited by a written constitution which safeguards the rights of the minority. Thus when we (the minority)exercise those rights we do so in honor of the INTENTIONS of the founders of this fine nation.
The concept of The majority over man... with absolute and unlimited power was what our founders distanced themselves from... you do understand this right? Your response indicated that you are supportive of a Democracy rather than a Republic.

However...Democracy as a form of government... is utterly repugnant to--is the very antithesis of--the traditional American system: that of a Republic, and its underlying philosophy, as expressed in essence in the Declaration of Independence with primary emphasis upon the people’s forming their government so as to permit them to possess only "just powers" (limited powers) in order to make and keep secure the God-given, unalienable rights of each and every Individual and therefore of all groups of Individuals.

What has become of our fine Nation is a better question to be asking NOT of the minority... but rather the majority that have permitted it to be hijacked by the very (minority of) people you imagine as somehow being OUR NATION. The problems or issues are not with the Nation but with the policies and behaviors of those representing the nation... which consists ofboth the majority and the minority.

If it were the NATION that any of us had issues with... you would not need to be telling us to leave it. It is the minority of ass clowns who are destroying this nation with their lies and service to The Corporations which have now become the majority rulers than to the people which ARE THIS NATION.

You call these women crazies who have to go out of their way to make themselves seen/heard just to end others from offering up their sons... daughters... husbands.. wives as human blood sacrifice in order to feed this BEAST that has taken hostage of OUR NATION because its the PC or patriotic thing to do? SINCE WHEN?

When our nation can be healed enough that it can once again be considered appealing to the rest of the league of nations that make up the global denezenry... then it will be palatable to us... equally as individuals and as a collective.

More than 70% of the population do not support this administration does that seem like a minority to you?

Anonymous said...

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