Thursday, April 10, 2008

Condoleezza Rice - SECRETARY OF HATE

On Wednesday, I couldn't get into the Petraeus hearing, so I went to the Senate side where condi was testifying. One of my signs was in a Reuters photo.

~ Midge


Jan said...

Wonderful, Midge!

I've put the photo on the frontpage of, in relation to the breaking news we've just recieved that she's about to occupy our country on April 29th.
Condi, the UN Secretary-General and Iraqi Puppet Maliki will attend the conference in Sweden on "The Future of Iraq".
The shattered Swedish voices against the endless occupation desperately need to put our act together, and seize this moment!!
George "the Decider" sieged our nation at the beginning of his career; 3 Days in Gothenburg with our former (and no wiser) Prime Minister, in Summer o 2001 (pre 9/11).
I'm deeply concerned over the lack of rage and sincere committment among the Swedish war resisters. But then again, we haven't had any coffins coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan - yet.
Do you know anyone, in some of the different Swedish peace organizations? Like Women for Peace? Or the Coalition against War (Stockholm)?
Your experiences and advice would be essential for us, I think, to manage this turbulent event.

Yours in Peace,
Jan Viklund
Gandhi TODAY

Jan said...

Oops.. sorry, I meant May 29th!
No hurry.