Monday, May 19, 2008

Point Reyes Codepinkers invite Liz

Brenda Hillman & Betsy Rose invited CODEPINK house resident Liz to speak at
the Point Reyes Activist Panel over the weekend.It was an honor to represent
CODEPINK DC & speak about my stories in hopes of inspiring others to jump
out of the comfort zone to join our efforts in DC!My job is to inspire everyday folks to feel confidence thus take action in Dc & locally.SPeak UP everyday & follow your heart.
Brenda had Chad her assistant pick me up at the SFO airport on thursday night.I stayed at Kierstan's luxury suite in Albany California for the duration of my stay though Brenda assured me the Story book cottage on Point Reyes was available.The next day Brenda & Bob Haas(celebrity Pulitzer Prize & winner of National Book Club Prize Winner) picked me up to prepare for the event later that evening.We(Betsy Rose Brenda Bob) had a great dinner at the local Tomales Market as we had extra time because Jerry double booked the Dance Hall so we had to adjust our plan.
Brenda,Janet Weil, Betsy Rose, Liz Az-DC were the featured speakers.Betsy Rose also performed several songs to break it up and added some heartfelt depth to our evening of inspiration!Thanks for the uplift!
It was a dismal turnout 25ppl but we felt thankful for everyone that showed up!

I covered a few of the more recent stories of our Capitol Hill activities as well as spoke about why i do this type of work as a volunteer!We care about our troops being abused with this illegal war/occupation.We want our taxdollars to be directed toward domestic programs that will make US Stronger i.e. education, headstart,women's domestic shelters,High Speed Rail,family planing programs that help the women of our country with Pro Family issues etc.............
It was so great t get out of DC and discuss my year of ACTIVISM with CODEPINK NATIONAL team!
Special Thanks go out to Matt DAve Betsy Brenda Bob Janet Celeste ZANNE Keirsten Kiely
Chad and all the peacemakers!!! Keep on Putting our Message into the mainstream and never stop....we are right and the troops are counting on US to make CONGRESS wake up!!
Support Our Troops with the truth - Peace & Diplomacy-
Fully Fund the Troops home safely Now Congress-
re-election is coming soon
Join US in DC over the summer


JimPreston said...

25 people for peace is more powerful than thousands for war. If we do not sing for our children's futures, then who do we expect to sing.
be the peace,

caterliz said...

thanks for the ride!!

we really appreciate the small things our supporters do!

Fired UP as Congress is ready to give more Money???gotta get up to Green Zone..........running