Sunday, May 11, 2008

CODEPINK Celebrating Mother 05.11.08

CODEPINKERS at Dupont Circle!Happy Mothers DAY 2008

thank you everyone Patch Adams Rosey Sarah

JIMI P_THE ROCK STAR jaime ruth allison Jeff Ryan IAN sarah ELLEN joan

Gael Murphy Medea B JODIE EVANS DIANE WILSON SARA Rich Cindy Kaylor!

DES all the dedicated volunteers THX!

PhILLY SISTERS and beautiful Kids

all our doggies for peace--that made desiree Super happy!!

BAN ADIL PLEASE COME BACK!thx for your visit


Granny hugs to Peter

Happy Mother's Day 2008 to the Women n IRAQ

Do educate others about the Iraq refugee issue crisis

WE NEED YOU to do more........

EDUCATE YOURSELF On the Refugee Crisis/humanitarian disaster ............

WE NEED your help not just the CHOIR!

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