Friday, May 9, 2008

5.9.8 Mott House Iraqi Refugees Panel Discussion

In the spirit of Mother's Day donate some cash to help the women and children in Iraq
that are suffering immensely from the ongoing never ending occupation!We all share in the burden of educating our friends, public figures, family members, the media on the refugee- humanitarian crisis that is going on basically unnoticed inside Iraq as well as outside in neighboring countries. We heard the story of one strong woman Ban Adil Sarhan who arrived here in the US several years ago and has never been able to secure a Green Card because the Process is so difficult to navigate through 68 pages .........but mostly CONGRESS doesn't care for a second about these people!
Ban Adil's husband worked with the US troops after the invasion & was killed along with her daughter ....the story made Us all Cry! We need our supporters to donate through our website
anything will help!!

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