Thursday, May 1, 2008

05.01.08 Iraqi Refugee Hearing

We know there are millions of externally & internally displaced persons due to the BUSH

failed policy of permanent Iraq occupation! Baby Bush made a huge Mistake by immorally, unjustly,illegally, invading a soverign nation 5 years ago.We know the refugee crisis is deepening each day in fact the humanitarian crisis has escalated beyond the reach of the bordering countries ....the surrounding nations can't handle the tremendous burden!CODEPINK was present to support the IRAQI's in the plight for respect for some semblence of normalcy in this very important hearing today~

It breaks our hearts to think each day that people are still being killed and displaced by our military forces! We are not seen as liberators Cheney still makes mention of.......but occupiers without an end in sight

help the refugees with donation

we can do our part even when the

gov't that represents us doesn't!

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