Thursday, May 29, 2008

on the Trail ..... Arizona McCshame FREE ZONE

McInsane & Liar Bush were in town on MAy 27th 2008 to raise needed funds for Bubble Boy John our long time egocentric selfish Corporate owned Senator in the running for the highest position in the land! The active political segments of the Vast Arizona community came out onto the sunny streets with great energy No MAs Meurtas, CODEPINK, END the WAR Coalition,Vets for peace,Az Advocacy,Equality Arizona,Green PArty Dems, Republicans against the Occupation,PDA STATE PARTY, and more WITH THIS MESSAGE........
There were various actions all over town:3 ATTENDED BY Liz
State Democratic party hosted a press conference at 1000am to start the day
with our PEACE Friends on the Stump for the first time EVER Dennis Stout Vets for Peace Radio Host About Face every saturday Dan O'neal Pda State Coordinator,and Miss Shero Kyrsten Sinema has been our Budding star & CONSTANT source SUNSHINE in theArizona Social Justice Community!SUPPORT KYRSTEN SINEMA!!!
The dems commented at this press event on Mccain's record of taking jobs out of az
1,200 Lockheed Martin Jobs Outsourced to France recently.Second point Mccain has no idea how to solve the economic problems statewide or otherwise!Check his public record!!!!!!!!!
Next event was 25 miles east of Phoenix in Mesa Arizona (BUSH only appearance) to Silverado a small cable company that seems to keep looking more improved as the surrounding neighborhood declines!We surrounded the 2 entry points with over 400 people that came from everywhere statewide with creative signs and great enthusiasm!!Air Force One ARRIVED 235PM POLICE MOTORCADE escort ( as 30Mesa Bike police were on show waiting)
made it to back of building in Mesa at 250pm-ish where CODEPINK Liz was posted reporting to the coalition the second by second relay of info.......there were 2 helicopters in the sky check it out
Bush took an extra long time inside the plant we waited and waited until almost an hour went by
then we shouted as the motrocade went past and chanted go to JAil!
going to speak as CODEPINK NATIONAL to promote the McShame Campaign and request Arizona step up the pressure on a potential President nominee???
This was our major press event of the year run Mccain out of the Homestate with our passionate creative presence-It Rocked with Fury
Jeanne & Victor outdid all other events as they made a super prop bed for McShameful John and Bush could be in bed together ! Liz was McInsane Rae RAe played BUSH with blow upfaces! It was a great Media Hook In to keep the media watching throughout the streets of downtown Phoenix where we had other major events coinciding ie MLB baseball game!We had a secuirty team escort and direct the bed up and back for awhile as we hit the working people's sense of humor ................
Thanks to all our teams of coalition members the Volunteers made it all Smooth!!
call Mccain everyday 602.952.2410
we pray for JOHNNY!

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