Sunday, March 16, 2008

Winter Soldier too place today at the National Labor College just outside of DC.  Hundreds of Iraq Veterans Against the War will be here the next three days, as well as large numbers of allies, Vets for Peace, and Vietnam Veterans Against the War. This is a chance for the world to hear about the war from the warriors' perspectives--how the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan are affecting not only the civilian populations of these countries, but teh also the courageious soldiers that have been co-opted and used by a corrupt and imperial government. 
Poignant testimony as humorous anecdotes of GI resistance against the Vietnam War started off the four days of hearings Thursday evening. The mood is somber yet celebratory as warriors who know battle personally gather to jam the gears of the machine--to exhort their brothers and sisters in the military to join them in their resistance. I am humbled and privileged to witnexx the testimony in perso


Donald said...

Code Pink is a pathetic group of losers who do not understand how the real world operates. I pray you come to your senses soon. Just think, if Code Pink had been around n the 40's we would all be speaking German and/or Japanese! God bless and protect our troops from terrorists, home and abroad!

albert said...

Donald ... The point is to change how the world works.

World Prayer for Peace Day
July 3, 2008
12:00 noon CST ... The whole world in prayer.

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree that we are anti-war, I don't think code pink is the way to get there, it just apperas too radical and will not appeal to the mainstream, tone it down, act normal, forget about Bush, you will have Obama, thats your big chance.

Anonymous said...

Let's have respect for the military, this war is not their fault, you have the right to protest, but keep it respectful, code pink shows weakness, find another way

Anonymous said...

I saw Code Pink's representative on O'Reilly's show on 7/3 and I was struck by the disrespect for the members of our military.

One can legitimately disagree on the righteousness of military actions the U.S. has entered into over the years. What can't be argued is the courage, skill and devotion that members of our armed forces have displayed.

I am truly appaled at labelling these fine service men and women as "victims". They serve because they choose to defend the rights we seem to take for granted. Saying they are not "heroes" because you disagree politically is outrageous.

These ad hominem attacks on John McCain are equally distasteful. Read about this truly honorable man here:

Nestor said...

I was in the Army for 8 years and served in Iraq during the invasion. I was against the war for about the first 6 hours, until I saw the conditions that Saddam kept his people in. I've seen Iraq and what it was like before we liberated it. Believe me, they are much better off now. You want to help Iraqi women? You think getting rid of Saddam was a bad thing? I've seen his palaces and the palaces of his sons. Women were worse off back when the Ba'ath party was in control. Things are not perfect now, but if CNN wasn't dictating the rules of engagement, this war would have been over years ago.

If we surrender because of the left-wing lunatics, conditions for Iraqi women will be even worse when scum like Al-Qaeda and the Ayatollah take control.

Anonymous said...

Get a job, losers.

The sad thing is that you actually believe YOU are the heros.