Friday, March 28, 2008

Impeachment for PEACE!

Impeachment is in the Constitution
for a reason! Impeach for PEACE & Security!

The Bush Regime of fear factor tactics
seem to be ramping up the rhetoric to AirStrike Iran! There are many signals indicating this could be coming soon-IMPEACHMENT hearings will put a STOP to this evil empire

Call Conyers 202.225.5126
Conyers wife in Michigan seems more progressive give her a call


Libs-suk said...

I am glad that this country was founded by BRAVE MEN like my grandfather and not fat lazy cowards like code pink. You wouldnt know bravery if it came up and slit your throats like a muslim fascist. I am happy to know that brave men and women:( will continue to fight for the exact freedom you exploit, trying to fill young peoples heads with your pointless philosophy. I would gladly choose one GW Bush over 1000 code pink cowards anyday. Keep up the pointless protests you fat losers, and I will keep up supporting the greatest country in the world that you libs try to destroy on a daily basis. Screw liberals...Screw democrats... none of you will ever be remembered as great americans, something you find lots of pride in.

Mikael Rudolph said...


Thank you for your brilliant critique. Your eloquence and scholarly manner reveals you to be a studied human of letters.

Please return to comment more often. You are a perfect representative on behalf conservatives and neo-conservatives.

I paean your ear for the fire in your cerebellum!

caterliz said...

Bush is destroying our Military with over extending our troops
direct your coments to the real COWARD GEORGIE -
CODEPINK has no FEAR b/c We Support the Truth

It takes great courage in times of war to promote PEACE & Justice

What have you done this month to support TRUTH

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