Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yeah team!! Liz Arizona, Joan, Cher, Eric, Chris, Ann Wilcox, Jes & I arrived hours before the "presidential pitch".

Although only Ann and Chris had tickets, all of us participated in rabble-rousing street theater outside the Metro station entrance to the stadium.

We interacted with probably a couple of thousand baseball fans. Above is a one who came with his very own sign. In addition to the regular folk arrived several famous people AND one infamous: CNN's Wolf Blitzer,

Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher,

Senator Byron Dorgin , former Mayor Anthony Williams, and none other than war criminal Colin Powell!

Liz wore the Bush head in prison garb for the entire three hours before the game and must have had her photo taken a thousand times! Note the Induction into the Hall of Shame certificate in Bush's hands.

Cher and Gael later joined us and wore the Condi head, too.
Joan and I, as Pink Police held BOO BUSH signs and called out to the crowds:


"He was greeted by plenty of loud jeers, but also determined cheers, as if the fans in both camps were trying to outduel each other." Yahoo Sports



Eileen Coles said...


paki said...

What a treat to see these pics on a dreary (in New England) Monday morning! You give new meaning to "take me out to the ball game!" Once again the D.C. Code Pink sisters charge my batteries. Your creativity and persistence inspire me. Thanks, Paki

JimPreston said...

Good action!! See you tomorrow.

ntodd said...


I'm so happy about this. And I hope to see you folks soon. Much love...

cosmicrose said...
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cosmicrose said...
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cosmicrose said...

Geesh... must be an April Fools gremlin messing with my efforts here. Let me try this one more is said... the third times the charm... we shall see

He he.... Yep... you chickas rock! I just had to stop by and tell you that... but I'm sure you already knew eh? I also wanted to post the URL to my ongoing tribute to everything PINK on my 360 Blog where I reworked a couple of the images to make a more INSPIRATIONAL one of the National War Criminal's attempt at limp wristed ball pitching while being BOOed BIG TIME. That is what I call real cheerleading there ladies... cosmicly speaking of course

See my fond fondling of your pics


PS... Hi Jim... oh... and Todd too!


xanadu said...

( = ^ , ^ = )

Marie's Two Cents said...


Do you people know how rediculous you all look? Sitting in the back of Congressional Hearings, wearing pink glittery crowns?

It's not the President, It's you people making a mockery of the Country you supposedly love the United States Of America.

My son comes over to my house for lunch sometimes and sometimes I have C-Span on. And he alway's ask's me "Who are those Freaks"?

And I have to explain it to him who you goofballs are. That's sad.

My son think's it's stupid, I dont know what to think anymore, but I dont think it's helping your cause, it's just beginning to look idiotic!

You guys are just beginning to look like left wing lunatics according to my oldest son. Well and to me as well.

It's sad, for a peace movement to look like Idiots is not helping any cause at all.

cosmicrose said...

Dear Marie... do you do your children any favors by teaching them to judge people or things by their appearance?
How superficial do you suppose they will turn out to be if so? What about attacking what you don't understand simply because it looks stupid to you? What exactly are you doing to make a change in the world or are you simply satisfied being a sheeple and following the crowd because it doesn't look as ridiculous as a sheep doing its own thing... wearing its own garb... singing its own tune?

Indeed... we could all be JUST LIKE YOU... clones if you will... like your children who accept what you say as gospel. Speaking of... how stupid do you think that the man that MOST American's consider to be God in the flesh (not saying I agree) looked as he rode into town on a jackass? How ridiculous did Martin Luther King Jr. seem pr sound when he stood up and spoke out against the government while preaching civil rights? Would you have called Ghandhi a goofball for the tactics he used to ensure his message be heard?

I wouldn't want to afford you the same disrespect you offer others by jumping to conclusions simply because of the way you present yourself on virtual message boards... but if I were to pass judgment on you the way you do others according to appearances... I would say that you do your children no favors when you support their ignorance and perpetuate a world where tolerance and understanding of others is non existent if those others do not fit your notion of normal.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil... didn't you know that? By all means... please share with the rest of us peons just how you think the peace movement should look? How do you think it should behave? How do you think it will bring about an end to the ILLEGAL... IMMORAL... OCCUPATION and meddling in the affairs of innocent people not unlike yourself which is being committed in YOUR name... in all our names? Do you have a better way to get attention to your cause than by making yourself STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB just to get the attention of those who claim to speak for us? I'm certainly ready to read your response. BRING IT ON! Or go lay down and watch your soap operas and let real people engage in real activism.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Way to project all of your platitudes and gripes upon one dissenting commenter here. You assume much about Marie, without knowing how she's come to arrive at the opinions she has.

Dear Marie... do you do your children any favors by teaching them to judge people or things by their appearance?

Well, cosmicrose, I do believe that all of Marie's children are full grown; and I think the one she is referring to might be her son who is returning to theater (a veteran of this war which he supports, and which you all oppose). Marie's a blue star mom who worries for the safety of her son, but is very proud of him, and fully supports our efforts to stabilize Iraq.

How should a peace movement look? Not like clowns. It's a turn-off for many mainstream Americans when you make spectacles of yourselves; and it cheapens you, to show such utter disdain and disrespect for our elected officials. It's childish. If you want to be listened to seriously, and shown respect, then you should engage in respectful discourse and present your arguments without the clown get-up and over-the-top language.

You guys, in my opinion of course, are not a peace movement. If you truly cared for peace, you would be out there protesting against the ones who are actually targeting innocent Iraqis, disrupting progress by carbombing hospitals and mosques and schools which WE are trying to help rebuild. Angelina Jolie gets it. Why can't you all? Being anti-war is not the same thing as being pro-peace.

What is the anti-war and anti-occupation movement still protesting over? Not one of the 3 candidates we have will bring the troops home any sooner than they already are being drawn down. Senators Clinton and Obama may say one thing to their anti-war constituency, but they are not serious when it comes to withdrawal.

Protesting before the war was fine. But now, what's the point?

* It failed to prevent the war in Afghanistan.
* It failed to prevent the war in Iraq.
* It failed to change power in the executive branch.
* It failed to end the war in Iraq.
* It was duped by Democrats in 2006 who promised “A New Direction In Iraq” without ever having even formed a committee to brainstorm ideas until 2 months after being elected.
* It failed to prevent The Surge offensive.
* It failed to stop cannibals in the Congo [and was silent while 4-6million died as UN peacekeepers raped and sold children en masse].
* It failed to stop the bloodshed in Darfur.
* It speaks out against the efforts (war) of US forces to protect people from terror.
* It speaks the same rhetoric as the enemy’s propaganda. It is silent in response to terrorist attacks.
* It is openly embraced by Islamic holy warriors.

You guys aren't helping to end this any sooner with your antics.

And that's my two cents. If I said anything which came across as disrespectful in my tone and choice of words, I apologize.

Gayle said...

Ditto to everything Marie and Wordsmith said here, and Wordsmith, you weren't even one tenth as offensive as Cosmic Rose was.

cosmicrose said...

To the wordsmith of Nantucket...
I assume far less than even you because I went to Marie's website and blog before responding to her ad hominem attacks on people that I have actually physically met and she has not. Who then is assuming? She can easily verify this due to the tracker on her site which tracks web traffic (as a code writer I know these things). Whether her children are grown or not has no bearing on the question I asked about doing children favors when teaching them to judge according to appearances. When I said you in this case it was general not specific as in personal. A blue star mom... wowzers... am I ever impressed. I'm a COSMIC mom... which must mean that I embrace all colored stars equally.

We must do much more than simply worry for our children and that is what some of the women whom your friend Marie sees fit to belittle are doing... whether you like their fashion choices or not. We would not need to be stabilizing Iraq had we not agreed to engage in this illegal occupation of a sovereign nation now would we? The vast majority of Iraqis do not agree that our presence is a stabilizing by any stretch of the imagination. ASK THEM... if you can't get an answer from them you might ask some of these women (who your friend is a GUEST here in their space) to answer that for you. Some of them have actually put their own lives on the line by going to Iraq to see for themselves and hear for themselves what is really going on.

And you believe that the American sheeple should be showing respect to elected officials that LIE us into wars.. destroy our economy... serve the Corporation rather than the people who pay them to represent our nation to the world with RESPECT... dignity and honor... making a mockery of our Constitutional Republic? Or are these the clowns of which you speak? If so... I agree... they do look like clowns and they are CHEAP and childish... but dangerously so and not a bit entertaining in the least. If the language in our Constitution... Bill of Rights... Declaration of Independence ... The Geneva Conventions as well The Ten Commandments are not well within your capacity to digest... perhaps some over the top language is indeed in order because you can not comprehend the verbiage otherwise.

You Guys.... do you have a clue who you guys really are? NO... you do not... because You Guys are vastly increasing in number all over the Unites States. You Guys have no leadership... no one that speaks for US... we do things independently according to our own will... our own conscience and we use our own individual voices and actions to GET THE MUCH NEEDED ATTENTION of those who are supposed to speak for us as well as those who are too afraid to speak up at all (far too many of these being in the very military you are imagining yourselves being supportive of) Pray tell me who was targeting innocent Iraqis... car bombing hospitals... masques and schools before we INVADED Iraq for NO reason that has held up to scrutiny what so ever? Do a little research and learn a thing or two about Iraqis way of life before we totally destroyed their infrastructure and paved the way for progressively growing HELL that these people now find themselves. While you are doing that research you might want to look into what Code Pink has been doing to rebuild lives town apart by LIES LIES and more LIES while the sheeple feed on the stuff to fatten up their egos. Tell me the difference between being ant-war and pro peace while you are at it. Is it anything like being pro-soldier but not pro war?

You ask what the anti-occupation movement is still protesting? That ought to be obvious but I'll spell it out no matter. WE ARE STILL
OCCUPIERS... thus that is why we still protest that occupation. You also relate that none of the 3 candidates running for president will bring the troops home any sooner than.... BINGO... once again... you have already answered your own question... the anti-occupation movement is still protesting because NONE of the 3 candidates of which you speak have heard the protesting apparently. Protesting before the war... WHAT WAR? A war must meet certain criteria in order to be considered a war. Our illegal occupation of Iraq meets NONE of them. This is NO WAR and you shouldn't believe everything you see or hear that might lead you to believe such a thing. This is a travesty... this is a WAR CRIME... and that is what is being protested NOW. Protesting doesn't always function to prevent an injustice from taking place... but it sends a message that there is HOPE... that not everyone is blind to the reality of pain and suffering being committed in our names. I grew up in the late 50's early 60's so I know the results of the Civil Rights Movement and I full well know what the results would have been without it. Which America would you rather live in? What is the point you ask?
And to Gayle... I challenge you to find one thing that I said that was offensive unless the truth really does hurt. I'm sorry for
hurting your sensitivities. I asked questions of this individual and did not call her names as she did. I stated that if I were to use the
same criteria as she did... how I would view what she had said. Yes... I guess you could see that as offensive... which was my point.
I really would like to know why some feel it necessary to go to someone else's virtual space and then speak poorly of them... call them names... joke about the way they behave or dress. Why not just invite them as guests to your home and then spit on them? Its equally as offensive yet you consider what I have said to be what is most offensive. AMAZING THAT... its no wonder you parrot the words of others.
Had I known that Marie was too fragile to take punches... but somehow capable yet of throwing them... I might not have struck back so hard with such heavy hitting words. Its just that I don't think a hit and run approach is very Blue Star Mom like. But then... having to have people run in to rescue you after the fact... now that is just too Un-American all the way around... cosmicly speaking the hard hitting truth. Take it or leave it but don't stand here crying about it.

SkyePuppy said...


You said, "Pray tell me who was targeting innocent Iraqis... car bombing hospitals... masques and schools before we INVADED Iraq for NO reason that has held up to scrutiny what so ever?"

Umm... That would have been Saddam Hussein, who was "disappearing" innocent people constantly, until we went to Iraq and took him out. Living hell? That was under Saddam.

cosmicrose said...

SkyePuppy... PLEASE stop putting words such as "disappearing" in my virtual mouth and do yourself a favor...stop watching FAUX News... it shows. A little history can be a dangerous thing in the same way that accepting distorted history as fact will only ensure one's ignorance be perpetuated. Saddam Hussein was put into power by whom... how? It was a CIA-organized regime change ... a coup... in 1963 that employed political assassination, mass imprisonment, torture and murder. This was the military coup that first brought Saddam Hussein's beloved Ba'ath Party to power in Iraq. So... does America pick and choose which dictator it will permit to "dissappear" innocent people? Hussein was our government's favored tool for containing militant Islamism in the region. He fought a war against the Islamist regime in Iran for that purpose. Who for that matter left Saddam in power after he invaded Kuwait and who gave him a wink and a nod to do so? The State Department informed Hussein that his dispute with Kuwait was a local matter, and that the U.S. didn't have a diplomatic duty to protect Kuwait if Iraq used military force. This is verified by State Department testimony—during 1990—before congressional committees. But the U.S. tale doesn't end there... History also reveals that we were lied into the first Gulf War by the first Bush Administration who faked satellite photos to gain Saudi participation in its war, and to convince the American people that Hussein must be stopped from conquering the whole region. But Saddam never had any such intention (as can be seen in Claim #4 above). The whole thing was a fabrication by our government, and by many of the same people who have engaged us in a phony war again.

The policy of regime change existed long before... and independently of any so called war on terrorism. But would deposing Hussein be helpful to the "War on Terror" anyway, even if that wasn't the original reason for the policy? The answer is no—it would make the risk of terrorism much higher (as we are presently witnessing). The majority of the Iraqi population is Shia Muslim, the same religious grouping that dominates Iran. This is a major reason Hussein went to war with Iran in the 1980s—he wanted to keep the militant Shia regime in Iran from inciting Islamic revolution among his own Shia population. This problem still exists today. It was said prior to our invasion of Iraq that If we topple Hussein there is a very real chance that the Shia will come to power in Iraq and join with Iran to bring Islamic revolution to the whole region. In this event the potential for terrorist acts against the U.S. would increase dramatically. This danger is especially great if we use force to suppress the Shia majority in Iraq as part of our occupation of that country. These things were KNOWN before we invaded Iraq.... oh... excuse me... went in to liberate them....

The only thing these people have been liberated from is their lives.

The CIA has been organizing regime changes for 50 years. They have removed many governments that are unfriendly to US corporate interests and replaced them with regimes that are more likely to work closely and slavishly to carry out the economic and geopolitical desires of the US corporate elite. The reality is that the CIA's use of assassination to exterminate political leaders has historically been closely linked to many other political crimes that are, arguably, even worse. For example, when planning, coordinating, arming, training and financing repressive military coups, as the CIA has done so many times, their henchmen are wont to carry out mass arrests, mass torture and mass murder. It's a nasty business. As Kissinger once said about the CIA's betrayal of Iraqi Kurds, covert action should not be confused with missionary work."

THIS ALL BEING DONE IN YOUR NAME... IN OUR NAMES...SUPPORTED BY OUR TAX DOLLARS and yet you believe we are knights in white satin who have come to save innocent Iraqis from their DEAD leader who used to harm them WITH OUR BLESSING? Do you also believe that the Iraqi public buy into that fantasy by any chance? As far back as 2004 the data did not support these assumptions...
Now... not only do the Iraqi people have to contend with the abuses of the Saddam regime ... but also abuses being committed by security forces, militia groups and anti-US insurgents. In other words... we have done them few favors. Healthcare in Iraq post Saddam...
Christians, "paradoxically, were more protected under the dictatorship, according to Cardinal Tauran. He said an "unjust approach" was used to unseat Saddam from power, resulting in the mounting chaos in Iraq today. "Power is in the hands of the strongest -- the Shiites -- and the country is sinking into a sectarian civil war (between Sunni and Shiite Muslims) in which not even Christians are spared," he said. Cardinal Tauran is a longtime veteran of the Vatican's diplomatic service and a specialist in international affairs. He was Pope John Paul II's "foreign minister," the official who dealt with all aspects of the Vatican's foreign policy from 1990 to 2003.

OBVIOUSLY MANY IRAQIS DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU Iraqis have always suspected that the 1963 military coup that set Saddam Hussein on the road to absolute power had been masterminded by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). New evidence just published reveals that the agency not only engineered the putsch but also supplied the list of people to be eliminated once power was secured--a monstrous stratagem that led to the decimation of Iraq's professional class.

Half X said...

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