Sunday, March 30, 2008

03.30.08 SHAME on BUSH

Join CODEPINK DC & many other activists as we
BOO BUSH at the 1st game of the season
in the new stadium!
BUSH is not welcome here in DC -


JimPreston said...

If I recall correctly, George Bush lost The District of Columbia by a margin of 90 percent to 10 percent in the last election. Those are the people who live with him, if you know what I'm saying.

cosmicrose said...

Ohhhhhhhh.... I luv that Cosmic sign... BEDAZELED... and it goes well with Bush Boos too... Cosmicly speaking --<--<--{@

Jack Shepard for President said...

Dump Sen. Norm Coleman the Warmonger In Minnesota !

join our “ Anyone but Norm” Campaign"

Let’s block this warmonger re-election to the U.S. Senate by voting for Jack Shepard
in GOP Primary on Sept. 9, 2008 to Dump Norm!
Dump Norm!

“The truth is we all know we can not let these warmongers like Senator Norm Coleman run our country anymore," Dr. Jack Shepard

Jack Shepard, is running against Norm Coleman in Minnesota’s GOP Primary
election for the US Senate on Sept. 9, 2008.
A vote for Jack Shepard on Sept. 9, 2008 is the only way to Dump Norm!"

Senator Norm Coleman never a brave veteran.
With graduation from Hofstra looming in 1971,
Coleman faced the unhappy prospect of being drafted.
But the antiwar activist had a better
idea he flunked his physical, after his crash diet.
He was deemed too
skinny to fight by his local Draft Board.
(never a Brave Veteran)

Senator Coleman; the warmonger
will get all the help, Millions of dollars he needs to win his election
for the U.S. Senate from outside Minnesota.

So if you wish to really Dump Norm! The only guaranteed way to 100% to Dump Norm and to help get that 60 votes to override a Presidential Veto to end the War is free! It is by voting in the Minnesota GOP U.S. Senate Primary on Sept. 9, 2008 for Jack Shepard to eliminate Norm Coleman.

Jack Shepard is running against Norm Coleman in the GOP Primary, to learn more about Norm Coleman’s criminal past Visit

"I wonder how, on a personal level, Norman deals with the fact that 40 years ago
he was the leading student antiwar activist on all of Long Island,
and now there are war protesters demonstrating at his office,
at his house, and wherever he speaks," says Norm Kent,
who attended Hofstra with Coleman.
"I wonder how he integrates that into his being, his essence, his soul."
We have 5 months to dump Norm!
You can start with: signs, internet posts, letters to editor
in the future include Dump Norm! Posters at all protests:

Dump Norm !
by a vote for Jack Shepard
on Sept. 9 GOP Primary
Eliminate the Warmonger
before Nov. General Election

-use the internet:
To eliminate Norm Coleman
the leading warmonger in Congress use postings and comments online
To newspaper articles in the Pioneer Press, Star Tribune; Blogs: etc.
-bring signs to all protests and place signs anywhere you can

WE CAN eliminate the Norm the warmonger before Nov. General Election
Then vote for who you wish in the General Election!

To contact Jack Shepard, with ideas email me at

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