Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chain Gang looking for Karl Rove @ Gw in DC

Chain Gang was in all out action mode today looking to present a FOX Glamour Award & A supboena to the most effective liar in the Bush Cabinet! Karl Rove still has his framer of fiction function within the power circles in DC!Rove is a well known manufacturer of BS in the halls of Power----------and we the people were ready to SPEAK TRUTH to LIAR himself
Karl try jumping into REALITY
you are an untrustworthy person and need mental HELP
WE the PEOPLE don't believe yur LIES
and you definitely need serious counseling and mental


JimPreston said...

That Condoleeza sure can partay!! I wish GWB had a bigger smile on his face, after all, in 9 months he'll be back to clearin' brush, fishin' and watchin' baseball full time, jus like he wuz doin before he decided we 'had a little war on our hands'.

B sure to check out our sisters in Berkeley at


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