Friday, May 4, 2007

Seeing PINK on CSPAN!

Yesterday, several of us were in the Senate Armed services hearing in which Admiral O'Fallon, CENTCOM commander in the middle east was testifying. Us CODEPINKers wore our messages on our clothing as usual. There were also other activists with us including an Iraq vet and a military mother. We held signs eventhough one particular Capitol Policewoman kept taking them away form us. The Marine mom held up a picture of her son who had twice been deployed to Iraq and now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress... At least, the officer did not take that away. At one point when the cop was out of the room, one of us walked up about 4 feet behind the admiral and held a sign that said "END THE WAR" over her head. When the hearing went into reccess, we yelled that the "AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT TO END THE WAR IN IRAQ" and "BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW" etc... also, some people incuding the Iraq Vet went and tried to talk to the Admiral and to ask him to end the war soon.

SO... some of us stayed up late last night to watch it on CSPAN. It was a neat treat to see PINK in the background, especially when the CODEPINKer was standing behind the Admiral with her pink "END THE WAR" sign and "NO $ 4 WAR" on her shirt" - it seemed like she was standing there for ever.

Then, this morning we turned on CSPAN and saw a CODEPINK woman standing in the back of a Global Healtcare Budget hearing that was taped a couple days ago. She had a pink shirt with messages relating the need for healthcare funding rather than more money for war and occupation. It was a nice way to wake up!

Come to DC, and join us in a hearing or two... you can "speak truth to power" and have a little fun at the same time!!!


Roger Cushing said...

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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