Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dear Cindy by Deidra Lynch

Dear Cindy,
First and foremost, please let me thank you for all you have sacrificed, your son, your family and your life to help show America that this war is wrong. And it is so wrong. And the American public's apathy is so wrong. And those who have tried to tear you down are so wrong.

I agree with you as to where we are headed. Bush is becoming more Hitlerish each day. Our government's attitude towards the citizens has shifted so far to fascism that it amazes me how few are yet screaming. But folks are beginning to take notice. Three years ago, most people responded to that kind of statement from my mouth as ludicrous or at least over exaggerated. Now the reaction I get is not only that the "war is wrong", but that "our government is wrong"!

I read in your letter that you don't see folks as Republicans or as Democrats but what is in their hearts. I too am a "heart watcher" and your heart on Mother's Day while sitting on the grass with me was so pure and so true. But I felt your sadness, not only the sadness for your son and for your other three children not there with you, but your sadness for the other people that were NOT there that day, your sadness for the millions who just don't get that this war is so wrong.

But I believe there are a number of people that are beginning to wake up and realize that the only answer for our planet is peace. That the only solution to our World's existence is peace. That the only journey worth taking is creating a life of peace. There are old ones and young ones coming forward. A new kind of humanity that you have inspired, as have many others have before you, and along with you. There will always be those who try to create chaos but there are more of us joining daily who are willing to get past those differences and trouble makers. There is a new surge of activists on their way to carry on this work for peace.

You said in your letter that neither party can hear the other and so I will dare to repeat to you, what one of your adversaries said in reaction to your resignation. "Most of us... understand that she is hurt very deeply." and they hope that you "will now be able to heal". You have sacrificed so much Cindy, even the time that you should have had to heal from such a great loss. Please know that there are millions of us that love you, respect you and admire all that you have done. We will miss you and your heart but I believe we will see each other again, as I know you when you are truly needed, you will stand up for peace.

My little girl, Autumnrain was so proud to meet you and be there with you on Mother's Day in DC. She considers you a heroine, as do I. I'm not going to tell Autumnrain that you are resigning, I am going to tell her that you've gone home to rest and to heal. That you have served your time honorably, as did Casey and have fought the toughest of fights. But all tours must come to an end and so it's time for you to return home. Heal Cindy and be at peace.

Deidra Lynch CODEPINK Orlando


Anonymous said...

Thank you Deidra for this heartfelt letter. I met Cindy last year here in Hilo, Hawaii. I was just starting out in activisim and Cindy was so inspiring. She made me think "I can do that". I can speak out and stand up for what we know in our hearts is so very wrong. The US military does not represent what I believe in and I want no part of it.

Thank you Cindy for inspiring me and thousands more to speak up and take action. It is up to us to create the shift to Peacemaking.

Bless you and be well.
a hui hou,

Janet - CODEPINK Hilo-Puna

Lydia Vickers said...

Thank you Deidra for this wonderful letter. When I was with Cindy, when I got a minute to talk with her, she always spoke directly to me. As if I was the only one around. If I had tears, she had tears. If I could laugh she would break out her huge smile. And no one gave better hugs than Cindy (well maybe her sister Deedee). We all need small breaks to give us time to rejuvenate so we can go on to fight another day. I, for one, hope she runs for office.
Peace, Always

FreeThinker said...

What a beautiful letter, Deidra. Cindy's done a lot and perhaps she deserves a (hopefully temporary) retirement here in the Bay Area.

Meanwhile, meaningless deaths for a senseless war rage on ... and we will all continue to beat the drum for peace!

teresa f johnson said...

every time i hear "what can one person do" i say "cindy was one person camping out in crawford texas at one time. you tell me what one person can do." i'll use that example for the rest of my life. ive heard holocaust survivors and WWII vets praise cindy in saintly terms. cindy sheehan will no doubt be in all future history books. i called and told my worthless congressman that cindy had the balls he and lil bush can only dream of. cant print the rest of what i said here-its rated triple XXX. cindy is up there with ghandi and mother teresa in my book. i'll work twice as hard for cindy now. infinite thanks. teresa FUGWB usa

Anonymous said...

thank you, Cindy, for all your peacework. You're doing the right thing, honey. I trust that we Americans are not as apathethic as we sometimes look. Did I spell that right? I'm very very proud that I've also done so much for world peace, and all of humanity, although I am not as famous as you. Fame is there for one purpose only--to move people towards love and healing and great, Goddess and Godlike joy. There's no other good reason for fame, except maybe to raise funds for children's charities or help promote your music, art, writing. And you get to meet some neat people! I see many non-famous people accomplish all of the above quite gracefully. Life is great, yes? sincerely, St. Linda of Berkeley (hee, hee! why not? looks good on paper...LOL)