Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mother/Daughter Team travel to D.C. to Help End War

Deidra Lynch (50) and her 8 year old daughter, Autumnrain from Orlando will be traveling to DC for Mother's Day to tell the president that they want this war to end now! Both are active members of CODEPINK Orlando and have given up many hours to protest this war for oil.
Deidra's 26 year old son was serving in the Air Force at the time the Iraq occupation was being discussed which was part of her motivation for originally speaking out against the invasion. Deidra lost her business after 9-11 and was not willing to lose her son as well.

The daughter of a retired military officer who served in Viet Nam, Deidra remembers well standing on the ship's pier with a black arm band when her father's ship departed.
She also remembers the horrible conditions of the VA hospitals for the returning soldiers and has been working with the homeless for twenty plus years serving many of those vets who still suffer from that war.

All three of her children have worked with homeless shelters via scouting projects and now CODEPINK, serving food and soliciting donations for centers in three different states. Deidra has seen the long term effects of war on humans and how
America truly treats its honored soldiers when they return. She is horrified by not only the deaths and injuries of today but also by the large numbers of veterans that will need aid and support for a lifetime.
Luckily for Autumnrain, her brother was released just days before the invasion but that didn't stop this family from protesting for the last four years in Orlando, holding monthly candle light vigils and anti-war rallies throughout.

The princess of the megaphone, Autumnrain loves to lead chants and songs and her favorite color is none other than Pink. She helps serve meals to the homeless at the park once a month and attends an elementary school that services all of the downtown shelter and homeless students (130 slots) so she has a high level of compassion for such a young soul.

Recently Autumnrain 'picked' a highly visible chain link fence for her and her mom to write IMPEACH with plastic cups. Interestingly, she chose a location near a "Mom and Pop" store that they frequent and that has cheered them on in their efforts. She made a huge peace sign in pink and her mom wrote the word IMPEACH in red cups. 'IMPEACH' was taken down after the first night but they went back and reassembled it. All of it was taken down the next day so Autumnrain did only the pink peace sign and that remains.

Excited about this upcoming trip, this gifted eight year old has learned much about the democratic process, the resources of Washington D.C. and is ready to see the White House as she believes she will be the President someday and might have the chance to live there. Her mother warns her to 'be careful what you wish for!'.

Her mother's wish for this trip is to be present in Washington, DC as a Florida constituent, to let her government know that this war is unacceptable and that they need to bring the troops home now. They will be staying at the CODEPINK house with 35+ women, helping stage the first Kids Peace March and taking part in the Family Peace festival at Lafayette Park. Deidra is looking forward to showing her daughter how women can cooperatively live, work and rejoice together to make the world a better place to live and have a powerful impact on government while they do.

Welcome Deidra and Autumnrain! You are an inspiration for the Mothers and Daughters of CODEPINK and America.


FreeThinker said...

What great words and photos of Deidra and Autumnrain! More of us should be following their example. Peace!

Deidra said...

You are the best! Keep up the good work in San Francisco and if you get to DC this year, you must come visit the CodePink House! peace and much love,