Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shame On You, Feinstein

Dear Friends,

I LOVE CALIFORNIA! When I was fourteen, Billy Williams moved to the west coast with his family. He came back two years later with the longest hair I had ever seen on a guy. "If they let you do that in California, I want to live there," I thought to myself ... and now I do. I appreciate everything California stands for ... freedom, acceptance, compassion, and love. On Tuesday Dianne Feinstein trashed all of that.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve the nomination of Michael B. Mukasey as our next Attorney General. The vote was 11 to 8 ... Feinstein and Schumer joined the Republicans on the committee to send him to the floor of the Senate for a "probable" confirmation next week. As part of his testimony to Congress last week, Mukasey refused to define waterboarding as torture. You be the judge ... this is waterboarding:

I held up a sign in the hearing room that read Shame as Senator Feinstein explained her position ... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It was the, "I really believe that this man is going to be an independent breath of fresh air," that pushed me over the edge. When she finished, I yelled,"Shame on you Senator! Shame on you! I'm from California ..." Five policemen grabbed me roughly from behind and before I knew it I was straddling a table in the hall. Click here to see what happened:

I was booked and released from jail in a little over three hours. Feeling just a little incomplete, I went to Feinstein's office to talk with her. She wasn't in, so I left her this letter:

Dear Senator Feinstein,
I was the person arrested in the hearing room today. The police pulled me out so quickly, I didn't have a chance to finish what I wanted to say.
As you know, I was able to get out,"Shame on you Senator, Shame on you. I live in California ..."
I want to finish by saying how ANGRY your constituents are with your vote today. I'm sure you have an explanation for what you've done, but in the eyes of the world you condone waterboarding and torture.
Many of us feel you have betrayed the democrats on the Judiciary Committee, democrats in general, and Californians.
I never thought I'd say this, but I am ashamed to be a Californian.
Jes Richardson

She claims she's voting for Mukasey because Bush might appoint someone worse during the recess. LET HIM! Congress's approval rating is 11% ... Bush's is 28%. Do you think this low rating might have something to do with the spineless nature of Congress? You had an opportunity to take the moral high road and show the world the United States Congress does not approve of torture. Why didn't you take it, Dianne ... what did Bush offer you on that helicopter ride over fire-ravaged California? Are you concerned that Schwarzenegger might run against you in 2012 and you're looking for some Republican support? Or maybe you're concerned about your husband's two contracting businesses in Iraq, Perini and URS . What about us Dianne ... your constituents!

We are tired of politicians playing with our lives, pretending to speak for us, pretending to act on our behalf when they are only concerned about their own political careers and nothing else. We want our country back!

Peace and Freedom,

Jes & Leslie

If Dianne Feinstein isn't representing you, please take a minute and call her: 202-224-3121 (The Congressional Switchboard). Those of you who live in other states, please call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on Mukasey (same number). They really do pay attention to phone calls. Meanwhile, Leslie and I will be visiting Senators personally up until the vote on Mukasey. We haven't given up yet!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WE LOVE WHEN AGING WHACK JOB HIPPIES FROM CODE PINK INTENTIONALLY BREAK THE LAW AND GET ARRESTED AND END UP PLEADING GUILTY! Come on, show your dedication to the cause and get arrested some more! I love watching the videos of you idiots!

Anonymous said...

Jes, I am sure a lot of people would like to write you letters. Like, how about the family of that 17 year old who was murdered and you were outside protested the execution of the killer who, will in prison, tried to get witnesses killed! Shame on you! And shame on you for violating the decorum of Congress and trampling on other people's rights to watch their government in action. Why not do what your normal non-dope smokers do and simply call your rep.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you didn't even make a mini-headline with this and I am sure Diane did not even here you. It happened so quick that she probably didn't even know you got arrested. And, no one else from Code Pink backed you up in the hearing room.

Anonymous said...

Jes, you are so full of it when you say that you just heard her talking and what she said just pushed you over the edge. You went in there with the plan of making and scene and disrupting the proceedings. That, my friend is why the camera phone was trained specifically on you. So, don't make it sound like Diane Feinstein just outraged you with her comments. You may be an idiot, but not all of us are!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jes, you speak for you and only you. Since when do you speak for all her constituants? How long have you had this Messiah Complex?

Amazing how you old self-centered hippies can't grasp that your opinions aren't the only ones that count.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the observer that it's all staged drama is right.

They keep going to the Northwest gate of the White House to drop off whatever bullshit street theater "declaration" for the President. Now of course, they know that the NW gate doesn't accept any delivery from anybody, it's all staged so they can wail about not beinga ble to betition their government for the redress of grievences.

Now of course the dumbest Americans fall for it and the Hate America Left doesn't care what the facts are, they're too busy hating America.

Anonymous said...

To the person above... What I hated was the fact that he lied in his diatribe above and made it sound like he was standing there and just became outraged at his Senator's remarks.

He wrote, "I held up a sign in the hearing room that read Shame as Senator Feinstein explained her position ... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It was the, "I really believe that this man is going to be an independent breath of fresh air," that pushed me over the edge."

This was not spontaneous, it was totally staged. They knew which way Feinstein was leaning and just happened to have a loon from San Francisco come to do this so it would have a bigger impact because he is from California. Their camera phones were trained on him because the plan was for him to blow up and disrupt the hearing when his senator was speaking.

Now, he lies and makes it sound like she just made him spontaneously explode. It was all a staged and planned act.
His phony outrage would not even earn him in Oscar back in California.

Anonymous said...

Also, did you notice that after he got arrested and was walking through the halls, he said nothing until he got to the door outside and then both he and Liz H. started acting all outraged. This is because they planned in advance that he should remain quiet in the halls to avoid an additional breach of peace charge. That is why they did not start shouting until they got outside. THIS WAS ALL A STAGED ACT OF PHONY OUTRAGE!

Anonymous said...

They also wanted to get the seats so they could be as far away from the door as possible that way they could extend the time of their disruption. You can hear Medea Benjamin complaining about it. AGAIN THIS WAS ALL PLANNED OUT AND THE OUTRAGE OF JES RICHARD'S WAS TOTALLY PHONY!

Eileen Coles said...

Of course the actions are planned, and of course the participants decide how far they are going to take their statements of civil disobedience. That's their right.

We're getting heard, though, aren't we? That's why you're here, anonymous thrall. You wouldn't be here if we weren't being effective. And yes, you've been demoted.

Thanks Jes for what you did. Feinstein will face her judgement someday.

Anonymous said...

Yes, true Eileen, the outrage is all staged and phony. The point is that Jes lied in his diatribe above and said that he was listening to Feinstein's statements and they made him erupt. His eruption was not spontaneous, it was staged and acted outrage.

Anonymous said...

You are right, I am here, I like to come to see the videos of these idiots getting arrested because they act all outraged. It is similar to Liz H. shouting, "Your hurting me?" when the Capitol Police lay an index finger on her. Phony outrage, phony pain all designed to get three seconds of attention. I think it is funny, I am not outraged!

Eileen Coles said...

Liz had her glasses broken and her face cut and she was hospitalized. She will sue against the brutality of her arrest, and she will win.

I said the actions are planned. The outrage is genuine. We're just better at ensuring that it's effective than you are. We don't take our anger at this administration out with acts of violence or hatred, and the only laws broken are those that deal with peaceful political protest.

We will no longer allow this government to ignore the true will of the people. We are taking it right to them and rocking their boat by showing them the consequences of their actions which they have forced upon the rest of the world. You DARE to speak about "the decorum of Congress" when our US military members are dying every day for a LIE with the full permission of these fatcats, many of whom never saw a day of duty themselves in their lives?

Marie's Two Cents said...

I think you guy's need to give it up.

We are going to win this War On Terror not matter what it takes or how long, or how often you guy's lay down and play dead, and whine, and cry, and bitch, and moan.

We will protect this Country with or without your help.

Eileen Coles said...

I think you need to shove it sideways. This is OUR COUNTRY TOO. I spent six years active duty, serving honorably, and this is NOT what I ever thought I'd spend my golden years seeing done to the country I swore to protect and defend with my life!

You're doing a CRAP job of protecting it!! Our economy is in the toilet! Thousands of our people are dead for a lie! You tell us that you need to go nosing through all our phone calls and email and our bags on the train and our shoes on the plane, and it's been SEVEN goddamn years now and 3800 good US military men and women dead and a MILLION Iraqis dead and 30 BILLION DOLLARS down the shitter and you asscracks STILL can't produce Osama bin Forgotten!!!

But oh yeah you need MORE money and MORE power and MORE bases and MORE equipment and MORE contracts and MORE MORE MORE...

With "protectors" like you, who NEEDS terrorists?!? I might as well ask the Mafia for "protection"! Quite a little extortion racket you got going here! FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!

Marie's Two Cents said...


That's a little bit harsh isnt it? lol

When you spent your six years on active duty, what did you think the consequences would be if America were attacked? That we would shove a sidewinder missle into a cave, call it a day and move on with our lives as if 3000 people and 16 acres of real estate in New York City alone, part of the Pentagon and 53 heros in Pennsylvania had never existed?

Have you ever stopped to think maybe half the people in this Country took 9-11 quite a bit harder than the other 50%?

Your antics in the Capitol and in and around Washington are only making you people look like fools!

We all need to ban together and knock off the nonsense and get to the business of protecting our Country from another attack, and back those troops that VOLUNTEERED to be part of this War no matter who the President is.

And believe me the next President will have to deal with this mess also!

Anonymous said...

So, Eileen, please grace is with Code Pink's program to fight the War on Terror. How would Code Pink insure, like President Bush has, that this country would not be attacked here at home for nearly 7 years?

Also, does Code Pink propose that we just up and leave Iraq? How would Code Pink insure stability in Iraq and the region after we leave? And, is Code Pink interested in seeing a democratic Iraq?

If Code Pink caught Bin Laden, how would Code Pink get intelligence on active cells that might be planning attacks in the US and Europe?

Also, how would Code Pink deal with such a liberal immigration situation that Islamic terrorists cells could exist here and that they may be in contact with terrorists overseas. How does Code Pink think we should deal with that threat without using the NSA?

What is Code Pink's suggestion to insure that Iran does not end up with nuclear weapons?

Eileen, you claim that checks and balances are somehow gone. How do you figure this? Do we not still have three branches of government, two of which were elected? Or, is it that if your elected officials are not doing what YOU WANT, then the checks and balances are gone?

Also, you say that the rule of law is gone, but since when does the US Constitution apply to non-US citizens. Also, please enlighten us as to why the Geneva Convention applies to terrorists and non-uniformed combatants. When did the US Supreme Court declare any of the actions of this administration illegal?

If so much of American wants us to lose in Iraq, which I take it you want us to lose there, then why do you think that Congress has not pulled funding? Is it because that would not be politically popular. If so, then are they not following the will of their constituents?

If history is any judge, someone who is not a uniformed soldier is usually hanged as a spy when caught by opposing forces in a battle zone.

Eileen, believe me, if you or anyone at Code Pink were in charge of the United States, you could not insure the protection of your own citizens and the people who would look to you for leadership. You offer heaps of criticism, but ZERO answers. You claims the troops died for a lie, but that is just a slogan. If we succeed in Iraq and a democracy is planted in the Middle East it could change the character of the whole region and result in less violence over the long term.

Anonymous said...

We have Al Queda on the run and a lot of its leadership has been decimated. No thanks to Code Pink, but rather thanks to the US military and a president who is committed to eradicating this terrorist threat. Luckily, he has a military that is up to that task and is the finest in the world. As we can see over the last 7 years, they have made some mistakes, but have done a fine job.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, please tell us who you think knows where Bin Laden is and which leader we should elect who will surely catch him? Also, if he is in Pakistan do you advocate invading Pakistan to get him?

Anonymous said...

coles, when was the last time Code Pinko made the photowire? The AP wire?

Yeah, you clowns have worn out your welcome.

We're just here to gloat.

Anonymous said...

coles, you're not making headway, the same way you didn't make headway at Walter Reed.

It's just a matter of time before you give up and withdraw from Congress the way the resistance kicked your ass at Walter Reed and you withdrew there.

Anonymous said...

coles, Bush's eeconomy made Clinton's look like small change. Most tax REVENUE not tax rates, lowest unemplyment EVER, stock index EVER, percentage home ownership EVER.

Yeah, yeah, comrade, let's hear you recite some more Pravda.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Code Pinkers

Anonymous said...

eileen coles said... I think you need to shove it sideways. This is OUR COUNTRY TOO. I spent six years active duty, serving honorably,

yea right, you spent it under some admiral's desk you lying sack of shit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And, you forgot, some of the ugliest women on the planet.

Anonymous said...

coles, you're the same kind of honorable veteran as Timothy MvVeigh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is the same kind of veteran as Johnny Walker from the US Navy...

I.M.SMALL said...


So what is this world coming to? A good upstanding cop
Is not allowed to waterboard his wife?
Why such a rush to judgement: why not let the matter drop,
It´s interference in a person´s life!

Perhaps she had some intel that he needed to find out,
(It happens now and then to jealous husbands),
The waterboard´s a method, don´t let anybody doubt,
To get an explanation for an absence.

The waterboard´s effective: anybody underneath
(Go ask the CIA) will have an answer,
And they will spit a hundred names (or more) right through their teeth,
When of "technique" one is a good "enhancer."

We know a man in uniform, if not above the law,
Acting outside the law is still inside it,
So it has been confirmed and even Congress has my awe,
So why should anybody have to hide it?

Except when we discuss it let´s not be explicit, rather
Because that might deliver information
Into the wrong hands: honor as becomes husband or father
Might even take it for a provocation!

If we are "good guys" then we shouldn´t ought to rush to judgement
About an officer who´s serving us´n:
In times of terror information´s full complete dislodgement
Ought be no matter for such puerile fussin´.

The man in uniform may come to feel himself oppressed
When nosy busybodies so beset him
Demanding details--bulletproof is not a good man´s vest,
For he will bleed or tickle if you let him.

Interrogation of a suspect (even if a wife)
Ought not demand a social intervention--
It is not using torture ("look, no hands, ma, nor no knife"),
But merely is enhancement of convention.

Rather the proud upholder of a homeland´s precious law
May be seen--even as Congress has told us--
Both "out" and "in" at one same time without a need to draw
Nefarious wrong conclusions so to scold us.

A righteous and God-fearing man would never act disdainful
When waterboarding: good men´s shock and awe go
Together with propriety albeit sometimes painful,
Though they may wire up privates in Chicago.

Eileen Coles said...

The criminal leadership of OUR country is the problem. Osama bin Laden is part of a long line of puppet dictators and self-invented "enemies" who were groomed from the beginning for that role by our own corrupt government, especially the intelligence arm. Things have reached a head now that the last two presidential elections were obviously stolen, and the next ones might not even happen.

You want to end the war on terror? Sure, kill the terrorists. Also bring their enablers to justice. Don't just go after the goons, the low-hanging fruit.

Go after the capos. And the capos are in our own military, in our own government, and in our own defense contractor corporations. Many of them are also in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE.

You are the fools who docilely swallow all the propaganda this government feeds you. You're being pissed on and told it's raining and you're not even using an umbrella, you might as well be dancing around in the piss like Gene Kelly. You poor, pathetic fools. The rich guys are real good at patting you on the head, but you'd best believe they've got the other hand on your wallet when they do it. Of course, with some of you, they only need to use one hand. ;-7

I had my eyes opened while I served. I learned a lot about the dirty crap that goes on in the classified environment. Stuff you shmoes will never see.

The irony of it is that we are fighting to preserve your rights, your freedoms, your civil liberties that you willingly give away. We are fighting just as hard to keep you and yours from having to die for a greedy rich man's lies as we are fighting for our own.

As for the sexist pig who claims my career was under an admiral's desk, you didn't even get the service branch right. I feel sorry for sexists, it's obvious they don't get enough at home if they have to attack every woman they see. Who the hell would ever want to be around that toxicity? I pity whatever women who have to (and I am SURE it is HAVE to) share your useless existence, sexist pig.

Anonymous said...

You say we had two "stolen" elections, but who made you a justice on the Supreme Court. The federal Supreme Court reviewed the issue and made the determination that there was no issue with the first election. And, the second election was the popular will of the democracy that you claim you are fighting so hard for. If antiwar sentiment is so strong, how do you account for Joe Lieberman beating Ned Lamont who was the antiwar candidate in Connecticut?

You claim Bin Laden was created by the US, if that is true, do you feel we should give him a pass and not worry about him? I don't know anyone in the US government that gave him the idea to attack the World Trade Center on 9/11 with two hijacked planes.

More of the Al Queda leadership has been killed than anything else. Their finances are constrained. Their capacity to attack has been diminished. You say, go after the leaders, well, tell us, how are we not going after them?

You say "Go after the capos. And the capos are in our own military, in our own government, and in our own defense contractor corporations. Many of them are also in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE." Are you suggesting we invade those counties and are you suggesting that they are the terrorists?

Tell me, what civil rights am I missing?

Also, you are not fighting for my rights. You are just a tool in the toolbox of a radical agenda that is using you and using this war for an agenda that you are ignorant of.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Because you don't believe in the cause enough to do anything other than put on a show and an act.

Anonymous said...

they could get some ignorant loser to do it, but it won't be medea or jodi, they let the dummies catch the real trouble like that desiree freak

Eileen Coles said...

Tell you what, you brainwashed losers, don't tell ME you're fighting to protect ME and my rights and freedoms because that's a pile of bullshit. You're not doing the job, you're overpaid and overrated.

Nobody IS worried about bin Laden because if they really were they would have found him by now. Here's a hint, assholes, he's not hanging out with the Quakers or the American anti-war groups, especially vets groups like VFP and IVAW who would gladly give you his head on a stake.

You're just milking the DoD cash cow and running in place. 20 years ago we had competence in command. Those days are gone. Your CINC can't find his own butt with both hands and a flashlight, never mind bin Laden's.

Eileen Coles said...

Tell me, Gathering of Ass Clowns, is THIS how you run a military? Is THIS how you run a war? Are you proud of your tax dollars going for stuff like THIS?

Anonymous said...

Finding Bin Laden would be pretty cool, but that is not the main objective. The main objective is to prevent another attack and we have succeeded admirably at that over the last 6 years.

Eileen Coles said...

You have succeeded at NOTHING. My country isn't free anymore. I have cops nosing through my bag on the subway and the NSA nosing through my email and listening to my phone calls. Even with all that, you asscracks still can't find bin Laden. That's because he's still the Bush administration's buddy, as are his entire family the Saudi royals to whom we are now paying $100 a barrel for stolen Iraqi oil.

Our former allies spit on the ground when we walk by because now it's well known that the US advocates torture, abducts innocent citizens of their countries off the streets, or murders them in cold blood and gets away with it.

The housing collapse is happening because banks have been getting away with murder under this administration for years.

Crucial news is not reported or falsely reported because only five companies are running most of the media communications in the country.

You've even managed to fuck up the PLANET - we get snow storms in April and 80 degree days in November.

This is NOT what I served my country for. Success? I WISH you were joking.

Marie's Two Cents said...


With "protectors" like you, who NEEDS terrorists?!? I might as well ask the Mafia for "protection"! Quite a little extortion racket you got going here! FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!


For a bunch of peaceful demonstrators, you are the most radical extreme I have ever seen. Wishing your own Countrymen ill will instead of the terrrorists!

What the hell is the matter with you?

Are you really American?

If you dont like America, MOVE!!!!!

Eileen Coles said...

No. YOU move. This is MY home and I do NOT like how it is being run. In the America *I* signed up to serve, I would have every right to voice my dissent peacefully and within the law.

This government ignores the will of the people. We are dying so that greedy men may profit. We are being lied to and stolen from. We are being left to starve and freeze and suffer from illnesses that we cannot afford to treat.

Don't you dare get on your high horse and try to guilt trip about "wishing my own countrymen ill" after all the garbage and vicious abuse I have seen from YOU pieces of shit toward the innocent people who use this blog. Don't dish out what you can't take.

Code Pink are mostly gentle angry people but I am a VETERAN who is 100% OUT of the shit-taking business, and you're not going to get away with dissing my brave sisters on this blog on MY watch.

We represent the 76% of the people in this nation who think the entire Bush administration needs to be impeached, and we WILL take our country back. Don't like it? YOU MOVE.

Anonymous said...

Hey coles, what do you mean by "Feinstein will face her judgement someday"?

Anonymous said...

coles, you and Timothy McVeigh are VETERANS and babykillers.

His were in OKC, yours are in SWA.

He used a truck bomb.

You tell al-Qaeda they have a right to kill American troops and Iraqis, including children.

The bastard that pushed a toy cart into a playground and killed two kids, he looked at the "Declaration" that your group endorsed and said, "Coles Loves Me...KaBoom"

Anonymous said...

coles, what a liar.

Your leaders, Benjamin and Evans went to Venazulea and kissed Chavez's ass, now Chavez is turned his thugs with guns loose on peaceful protesters and his police loose with water cannon, tear gas and ruber bullets on those same peaceful protesters.

Yet there's NO Code Pinko protest.

And you walk free. Nobody has arrested you for your beliefs or your protests.

The only reason anyone from Code Pink gets arrested is because you want to get arrested.

When you menace the Secretary of State, stop traffic, etc where you think your rights give you the right to deny others their rights, you little tin pot commie dictators will get arrested.

Anonymous said...

marie, you'r right. The 90s were open season on American military and diplomatic folks as long as it happened overseas.

Regean may have pulled the Marines out, but be used the battleships and the carriers to hit those resonsible. And he stopped all the terrorist attacks on our military by hitting Mo Kadafy.

Clinton and the left sat around and let our military and diplomatic folks be ducks in a shooting gallery.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Anderson makes Walker look like a saint. The guy's on active duty and seeks out al-Qaeda so he can point out the weak points of the M-1 tanks.

Just because you served, you don't get a free pass on anything you do afterwards. If you commit treason, you should hang.

Wonder if coles feels McVeigh served "honorably"?

Eileen Coles said...

If I really was anything like McVeigh, Blackwater's HQ in North Carolina would be a smoking crater right now. So shut your pie hole.

McVeigh was a crazy dumbass who went after innocent people, women and children. He was no better than the Bush administration and Blackwater in that regard. If I was going to go in that direction at least I'd make sure I wouldn't take out innocent noncombatants.

You cluetards are coming to OUR blog looking for trouble. Well don't bitch too much when you find some coming right back at you.

Eileen Coles said...

Oh I agree. If you commit treason you should hang. LETS START WITH CHENEY AND BUSH, lying SCUMBAGS who have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and 3800 men and women who were far better people than they ever were. Impeachment, YESTERDAY. They have a date with the Hague's hangman that's long overdue!

Anonymous said...

coles, you shouldn't talk like you're any better than McVeigh or that Code Pink is any different.

You Code Pink DC clowns honored Wilkerson, who made a smoking crater out of a NYC rowhouse building bombs that were to be used at an NCO dance at Fort Dix.

Did you go to that book party coles?

Anonymous said...

[If I was going to go in that direction at least I'd make sure I wouldn't take out innocent noncombatants.]

I believe you when you influence Code Pink to call for a cease fire in Iraq. A immediate cease-fire.

And I never ever see Code Pink asking the side, the side that sent a suicide bomber into a playgropund who killed two children and injure 18, to stop killing Iraqi civilians.

coles, what's your take on the other side deliberately and cold bloodedly killing Iraqi civilians? Why do they do that?

If this country were occupied, I won't kill an American children, even if I thought it would drive away an invader. Would you? Why won't your group speak out against it? Deliberately targeting civilians is against the Geneva Accords isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"You cluetards are coming to OUR blog looking for trouble. Well don't bitch too much when you find some coming right back at you."

What happened to "Code Pink for Peace"? "War Is Not The Answer"?

You folks always say all we need to do is listen and understand, or is Code Pink only willing to listen to others that hate America?

No way you'd extend that to American's who hold a view different than your's or is it all just lies?

Now remember, one of the strong indicators of fascism is that only one view is allowed and all others ruthlessly silenced.

And again you "cluearts" to mask the hateful slur "retards".

I find that offensive. Call me whatever you'd like, but there's no reason to victimize innocents who have never harmed anyone as the butt of a joke, no matter how much you hate the person you are slamming.

Eileen Coles said...

Whaddaya mean I hurt your feelings? I didn't know you HAD any feelings!

Anonymous said...

coles, you didn't hurt my feelings. I said I was offended.

When you say such things about innocents, someone who doesn't know hate, can't keep a grudge, need protecting, not the ridicule you need to satisfy your hate, well the only feeling I feel with regard to you is revulsion.

If you'll pick on the mentally handicap to make you feel better about yourself, to make that the butt of your put down, that's really unChristian, unHindu, unIslamic and pretty much unlike the teachings of any religion with a merciful God.

Anonymous said...

You treasonous code pink slugs remind me of human toilets

Eileen Coles said...

You have a nerve preaching to me about your "merciful God". You fucking hypocrite! Go kill some more brown people for their oil, preacher. Go let your countrymen starve and freeze at home and have their concerns blatantly ignored by a pack of war criminals.

Like I should give a sideways flying fuck about what offends you? Maybe when you start giving a shit about what offends ME I might return the favor! Think you can do that, or are you going to stay a "cluetard", preaching what you don't practice about your so-called "merciful God"?

Eileen Coles said...

You slimy freeper blog stalkers remind me of cockroaches, and you can call me the Monty Python Giant Foot of God in this blog, because I'm going to shut your sorry asses down, one by one.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't even believe that you had any access to classified material. There is NO way you could have gotten a security clearance. You seem very unstable and would have been a security risk.

Jacqui said...

Did you listen to what she had to say, or did you judge her guilty without a trial? Would you like her to listen to you?

Anonymous said...