Monday, November 5, 2007

Waterboarding Torture Demonstration at Justice Department to Protest Mukasey Attorney General Nomination

On Monday November 5th in Washington DC a graphic demostration of "waterboarding" was performed at the Departmnent of Justice in Washington DC

Longer video with background story:

Shorter video (MORE INTENSE)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys demonstrate Russian Roulette for us with real live bullets! Or, you could actually stop pounding down cake and candy during those stupid hunger strikes.

Anonymous said...

Hippie Wash $3.00

Hot Wax $1,.00

KarenDC said...

Thanks for this highly disturbing video clip of today's actions. I hope that those who watch it come to understand how critically important it is to act against the Mukasey nomination. The time for trusting this administration to do the right thing is long past, and the idea that anyone they nominate will be working on behalf of the people (which is what the AGs job IS)is in great doubt.

PLEASE call Senators Feinstein and Schumer especially, and straighten out their loyalties. Their concerns ought to be with the rule of law and not with the rule of Bush.

Anonymous said...

Karen, when hell fucking freezes over!

TRMarchesano said...

Here are some examples of the enemies "water boarding technique
you stinking hippy scum bags

Eileen Coles said...

I suppose next you're going to try to explain that it's ok if we do it because we're "better" than they are? What can we possibly base that judgement on if we descend to that level?

No excuses for torture, fascist scumbag. No excuses. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I hate hippie scum bags!

Anonymous said...

Was that like a homeless guy you gave a sandwich to in exchange for torturing him. What is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Only 3 very high value members of Al Queda were water boarded because it was believed that they could provide actionable intelligence on active terrorist plots. As a result of the water boarding of Kahlid Shake Mohamed plots that could have killed poeple here were exposed. By the way, water boarding has not been used since 2003. Don't take Code Pink seriously, they need to make an issue out of nothing. If it prevented another 9/11 I am sure most rational people would be all for it. It has been used sparingly and only for very high Al Queda leaders.

Eileen Coles said...

Here's the hearing in progress right now with three witnesses that say otherwise, under oath, before Congress:

Listen and get yourselves a clue.

Anonymous said...

No one is testifying that anyone has been waterboarded other than three high level Al Queda members who were caught and waterboarded because it was feared that more 9/11's were in the works and they had information.

The witnesses you are talking about are testifying about waterboarding they witnessed in the 1960's. Hasn't been used in 4 years!

Mike's America said...

Reports are that only three terrorists have been waterboarded.

The information they gave up saved THOUSANDS OF LIVES!

Perhaps Code Pink should demonstrate outside the Library Tower building in Los Angeles and tell the inhabitants why they would be better off dead.

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