Monday, March 12, 2007

Stop Funding War ~ Day 1

By Rae Abileah

I flew into DC a little after sunrise this morning and took a cab (with a driver who was so supportive of our work), and arrived at the new CODEPINK house, near Union Station and the Senate buildings. The house is a narrow brick building with lovely crown moulding, hard wood floors, and three stories of bedrooms and meeting space. When I arrived there was soft yellow sunlight streaming in through the windows, illuminating the air mattresses and suitcases sparsely spread out in the rooms. The house is new to us and so we must find furnishings to build a "peace room" and outfit ourselves to host visiting activists for the coming months. We're searching for frying pans, beds, chairs, book shelves, spatulas, and peace. We're looking for passionate activists, heroic Congresswomen, and bold actions. We're gathering forks, rugs, banners, and organizational allies. And we're hungry for homecooked meals, homemade posters, homegrown movements, and homewon justice.

I spent the day driving around gathering free furniture with Joan, an incredible DC pink activista, strategizing about actions for the coming days, and connecting with activists coming to join us in DC! By late evening, we have colored the house pink with banners and photos of our past actions, planned out our actions for the week, and written a hilarious press release. And tomorrow, the actions begin (or continue, after almost 4 years of illegal occupation of Iraq, and over 4 years of CODEPINK actions to stop war and bring about peace). Check back for more DC updates!

Check out our new website about defunding war:

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