Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't Buy Bush's War ~ Day 2

By Rae Abileah

Today we visited Nancy Pelosi's Congressional office dressed as personal shoppers, and told the Speaker that war is not fashionable and doesn't suit her. We sung "Can't Buy Me War" and spoke with the chief of staff. We sang through the halls of Congress, and greeted Congressmembers as they went through security en route to the Capitol in the subway of Congress. Check out an excerpt of our great press release from our action this morning:

“Speaker Pelosi, Bush’s War Will Look Terrible on You! Don’t Buy It!”

Pelosi’s Self-appointed Personal Shoppers (PSPS) arrive in Speaker Pelosi’s Cannon Office to advise her that she looks SO MUCH better sporting healthcare, education and fully-funded domestic programs, not war and occupation!

WHEN: 11:00am, Tuesday, March 13th
WHERE: 235 Cannon House Office Building, Washington DC
WHAT: A Style Consultation on a Path to Peace.

“We're hopeful,” says Gael Murphy, “that Speaker Pelosi’s intuitive sense of style and justice will prevail over Bush’s poorly designed and completely outmoded ready-to-war Supplemental that will allow this conflict to drag on for years, wreaking havoc that will spread throughout the Middle East. The mark-up is criminal and there are no returns! Pelosi’s elegant style of leadership is much better suited for this “season-of-ending-war-in-2007,” and she would look simply fabulous in a fully-funded, safe and orderly withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

We offer her heartfelt gift-certificates, redeemable for all the marvelous domestic programs that are a much better bargain for the American people, such as healthcare, affordable housing, schools, scholarships, public safety and renewable energy. All this and more will be available for the smart shopper at 11:00 am March 13th in Speaker Pelosi’s office.
For more information visit www.dontbuybushswar.org

CODEPINK sings through the halls of Congress.

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