Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Church of Stop Shopping goes to Congress!

By Rae Abileah

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping joined CODEPINK in the halls and offices of the House and Senate buildings today! We had a lively revival preaching and singing to Congress to stop shopping for war. Highlights included caroling in front of Gore's press conference after his hearing on climate change in the House, at Hillary's office, and at Reid's office. We also visited Feingold's office, where Billy talked about being an alumn from UW, and sang a thank you song to the legislative aides, for the great work the office is doing to bring our troops home. We also sang outside Obama's.

Here are some great photos from the day:

The Church of Stop Shopping performs in front of the Supreme Court en route to the Senate.

Preachin' in Reid's office.

The Choir exits Rayburn House building with a song.

Singing in the Cannon building rotunda.
Photos by Rae. Top photo of Rev. Billy by Liz.

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