Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sen. Casey Meets with CODEPINK PA

By Debi Richter

We had quite a day, we were able to speak with Specter's aide before the vote as well and then on to Casey's office---He is not quite where we want him right now, still buying some of the "support the troops" while withdrawing, etc. but we got some points acrosss to him, and Sam you'd be proud, I didn't let the Coalition for Peace Action folks take over, I moderated and led the discussion! I also interrupted Casey when he was being too vague for me to understand what the hell he was getting at...unfortunately the meeting was cut short because he had to run out and vote on the strike the language bill and of course we didn't want him to miss that, but he ended by saying he wants to meet with us again...and then we all stayed for quite a while w/ 3 of his aides and really got into some more great discussions..but the time we were done, we headed off to eat as it was really late...

Funny--I interrupted McCain during a taping of one of his commercials, I opened my shirt up, to show the code pink clearly and yelled out for him to stop funding the war...they were pissed...LOL, had to retake... I kinda sneaked around the handlers before they realized what I was doing, egged on my everyone in our group...

I don't know how you ladies do it day after day, I'm whipped! Lots of preparation went into this meeting, but it was worth it..his aides actually told us to continue making noise and keep coming back with more...I think they are more on board then he is...

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