Friday, December 21, 2007

A Little Theatrical Fun

We spent today at the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse, where there was a hearing about the CIA tapes, then the Department of Justice, and finally the National Gallery of Art's sculpture garden and ice rink.

In front of the Prettyman Courthouse after the Gitmo prisoners' lawyers spoke to the press about the CIA tapes.

Just before we ran over to the DoJ. Des had played Cheney previously, but switched to a cop role and promoted Gael to Veep--I was Bush while we were at the courthouse, then Ellen took over after lunch.

Lots of people wanted to have their pictures taken with the criminals. We even had a bit of an entourage at one point.

A number of other pictures over at Pax Americana. That's all I got right now...



Eileen Coles said...

Safe travels back to Vermont, NTodd. I hope you'll let me use some of your pictures for the calendars, mousepads and stickers that I am putting together for CodePink.

NO DAL MOLIN said...

Dearest Todd,

I learned so much from you during your short stay. You dove right in to our actions, documented them on the blog, shared tidbits of blogdom with me all the while getting your semester grades submitted on time. You enthusiasm and laughter will be missed, so please send replacements right away!


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