Sunday, December 2, 2007

Karl Rove and John McCain, On the Lam from CODEPINK: women for peace!

By Sally Newman
Photos Jes Richardson

I arrived In DC last night, and was up early this morning to track down Karl Rove and bring him to justice - the great thing about DC is that all these crazy war criminals are just walking around, for anyone to talk to. Rove got to Fox an hour early, so we just caught him entering the building and presented him with a large poster-sized warrant for his arrest on charges of perjury, contempt of Congress and general war crimes.Ellen Taylor, Desiree Fairooz, Leslie Angeline, Liz Arizona, and me, Sally Newman outside Fox Studios Sunday December 2, 2007

As a cameraman followed the whole crew (Rove+ five pink policewomen attempting arrest), Karl twirled his finger around his ear in a "they're crazy" motion. This from the man who now claims the Democrats rushed Bush into war (yes, really), and famously "forgot" that he revealed a CIA operative's identity.

Ex CIA Agent Valerie Plame

Unfortunately, after his interview he didn't come back out. He skipped the planned press conference and had his town car pick him up in the indoor garage, and probably went home to make sure the rest of his week's schedule doesn't include exposure to dangerous public forums like sidewalks.

So we went on over to CBS, where Liz was excited to talk to her Senator John McCain again about his delusional insistence how well everything is going in Iraq. She had warmed up her voice already and her megaphone at Fox, so when we arrived as McCain was about to come out and get interviewed by assembled cameramen outside, the whole street plus the guests at the hotel across the street listened.

Unfortunately McCain got skittish, and turned right around just before walking out the door. We spent the next hour and a half playing tag with the camera dudes. They'd set up in one place, then an aide would come out and huddle with them and they'd go around to the back and set up next to the dumpsters, and we'd follow them, and they'd move things around to the front again. His town car was driving around and around the block, and Pink Police chasing it. Reality show worthy. In fact, the cameramen were getting sick of being dragged around - one of them finally asked if they could just run behind us on the next lap.

Apparently McCain hates Code Pink more than he loves publicity because at some point his town car peeled out, tires squealing, and that was the end of that. (Incidentally, CP is very respectful of reporters, and we always let them conduct their interviews. They might get a spine and start asking worthwhile questions, so it'd be a shame to interrupt that. There was no reason for the elaborate hide-the-senator game)

One of the funny things about direct action is that passersby are SO awkward with you, sort of like they might act toward a mentally challenged or a homeless person: "Get a JOB!" yelled one nicely dressed young woman at the Fox news studio. Well, jeez, I'm an Ivy League graduate, halfway through law school, and I look nice in a suit too. It's not like I'm out here yelling at Karl Rove with my toes freezing off for my health. It's just that having been failed by the media, the justice department, Congress, and the courts, I figure if I want him held accountable I have to do it myself. It's like signing a petition, but more emphatic. Don't be scared!

Liz last week outside of ABC. See, he survived to tell the story!

Outside CBS, a grumpy man scuttled by blowing cigar smoke and muttering. "Oh, so we're supposed to just turn tail and run, huh..." "Excuse me sir," I said, "I'm not running anywhere, I'm right here participating in my democracy. Where are you going?" He gave me a frightened look and ducked into the building.

Well, well. That's all for now! Youtube video coming soon!


CODEPINK said...

Karl Rove was running to get away from the finely pressed uniforms of our PINK POLICE!

These criminals need to hear TRUTH TO POWER EVERYDAY!

mommadona said...

You go, girls and grils!!

Good job.

Anonymous said...

LOL the same ugly whack jobs in each photo!

Eileen Coles said...

Love the pictures! Good job ladies!

And yes, anonymous coward, I don't find McCain or Rove any kind of attractive either, now that you mention it.

aaron said...

Good blogging. Great work! Healthcare not bombs. Go CODEPINK.

Anonymous said...

aaron, there would be more money for healthcare if Coe Pink paid taxes, but they don't. They don't contribute to the common good, they just talk about it as you pay for their beliefs.

And worse yet, this "peace and social justice" organization diverts bread from the homeless to fed who? A bunch of middle to upper class followers of some Marxist millionaires like Evans, Gomez and Murphy.

LaFajita said...

It's good to see the Pink Police back in action, sweeping criminal scum off the streets of our fair city. I extend a warm Welcome Aboard to Rookie Patrol Officer Sally Newman.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Welcome Sally.... Another useful idiot for Code Pink. Do us a favor and get arrested Sally. It's great to see you ugly ass idiots not pass go and just go directly to jail. Code Pink sucks ass.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice that Code Pink is completely silent on giving any support to the students who were protesting constitutional changes in Venezuela that would have kept Hugo Chavez in power until 2050? I wonder why that is? Is it possible that it is because Code Pink supports communist dictators?

Do you notice how Code Pink protests in Pakistan, but is silent on the recent election in Russia in which political parties could not get registered prior to the election?

Code Pink is not pro-democracy or antiwar, it is just anti-United States.

Eileen Coles said...

You gotta love these sexist pigs who think that a woman's entire value is in her ability to be ornamental while fat ugly bald white men like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney run our freedoms into the ground and see to it that far better people die for their soulless greed.

This anonymous coward is probably a useless rich pig too, a chickenhawk who never saw a drill pad in his soft-handed life, a fat parasitic flea bloodsucking on the ass of the dog of war and calling like Yul Brynner as the King of Siam for his poontang. "Bathe CodePink, and bring them to me!" Oh please. You'd NEED to use either money or a gun to get some, sexist piggie, because your ugliness goes right to the bone.

Eileen Coles said...

If you think that by protesting the governmental takeover in Pakistan is "anti-United States", then you've just told us everything we need to know about the puppet-dictator agreement between the Bush administration and Musharrif. CodePink is very much NOT anti-US. We are anti-BS - as in bullshit/Bush State, take your choice.

Whatever Chavez and Putin may be or what flaws they may have, at least they are NOT BUSH ADMINISTRATION PUPPETS. We know that the greatest danger to the United States is right here at home - it's the Bush administration.

Eliz77 said...

Code Pink women, you make me so proud to know you! Keep on keeping on! We've got your back.

Ignore the freepers who lie and whine. They are so pitiful. Forgive them because they don't understand what is really going on. love,Eliz

Eileen Coles said...

Hey Eliz, ignore the whining? Fine. Ignore the lies? NEVER! Ignoring the lies is how this country got into this mess in the first place!

It's time to fight back and tear down as many lies as possible, when and where they are propagated, including right here! If these miserable freepers need a jumpstart to get a few neurons in their brains to fire then you best believe I'll be happy to "taze" them with a few facts from my keyboard, sis!

I see we lost Marie, for example. Maybe she started thinking about what's REALLY going to happen when her husband gets back from Iraq and becomes just another one of those faceless statistics I've been talking about - unable to get decent health care, denied VA benefits for his PTSD with a trumped-up diagnosis of a "pre-existing condition", forced to deal with a callous government that only gives it's vets red tape and then runs around telling everybody ELSE to "support the troops". Why don't they tell us the whole story: it's "Support the troops SO WE DON'T HAVE TO!"

Anonymous said...

Eileen, do you speak officially for Code Pink?

Anonymous said...


Eileen Coles said...

Anonymous, do you speak officially for Nobody?

Eileen Coles said...

Yeah right, you want them to execute Medea Benjamin - for what? Bruising your fat ego? Hurting your brain by making it work every now and then? Showing you what an utter ass you are? Whine to someone who cares, jealous freeper crybaby. Medea's got more honor and courage than you ever will.

Anonymous said...

I would not be especially sad if Medea Benjamin got killed in Pakistan. Hell, I would have a party and celebrate that. It would be a hell of a cool thing if her Islamic buddies chopped off her head and put it on Youtube. It would even be better if they gang raped her ass before they killed her!

Eileen Coles said...

No one cares what would make you happy, anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

I received this letter from my DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN today
Dear Ms.

On October 24, Desiree Fairooz accosted Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice with painted hands during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. She was subsequently arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, defacing government property, and assault on a federal officer. Ms. Fairooz broke the law and now faces legal and economic consequences. In addition to these punishments, Ms. Fairooz will also fave potential restrictions on employment, education and other future opportunities.

In the past, individuals who have interrupted committee hearings have been charged and convicted on similar counts. I believe that punishment should fit the crime and I believe these serious consequences are appropriate as Ms. Fairooz will deal with substantial, immediate and long-term financial and social costs.


Anonymous said...

See above, it doesn't seem like the Democrats in Congress think Code Pink's stunts are all that heroic. Your so called "friends" think you idiots are extremist fringe whack jobs!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. They look like a bunch of loons dressed in pink handing out there stupid irrelevant warrants and their shouts of war criminal are so outlandish that not too many take them all that seriously.

Anonymous said...


Eileen Coles said...

I personally received this from Dick Cheney today.

Dear Eileen,

You told me to go Elf myself and I listened.

Peace on earth and goodwill to men,

Dick Cheney

Actually, there's really no way to verify that I actually did receive this from Dick Cheney... is there?

Eileen Coles said...

At least one anonymous coward here will likely become very excited to see Dick Cheney dressed as an elf gyrating his digital hips to tha funkay jazztastic beats. This is because the anoymous coward needs very badly to get laid. He seems to somehow think this is CodePink's problem. He is wrong, but is cordially invited to lust after Cheney in an elf suit all he likes. That Dick Cheney. What a studmuffin.

Sally said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sally said...

Er... I think Hugo Chavez should have term limits. No comment on the rest, anon(s)... leaving violent, sexually explicit threats and/or personal attacks on blogs is so 2005. Creepy deepy skeepy freepy.

Eileen Coles said...

Well it looks like you will fit right in with CodePink, Sally. Yes, the freeplets are just so much hot air. Welcome.

LaFajita said...

Sally, it was a pleasure to meet you tonight. It looks like the future is in good hands.

Hugo needed to lose an election, any election, and aknowledge that loss, which he did. There is no dictatorship here.

anons, you have just been marked lousy by the cutest, flirtiest girl in DC Code Pink. When your friends find out, they will never let you live it down. Have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I would not be too worried about being labeled anything by some ignorant recently graduated college student which is about all you idiots can attract with the exception of some aging hippie flower children.

Eileen Coles said...

Anonymous coward, why do you even pretend to yourself that we would ever care what you are looking for in a woman?

All my CodePink sisters are beautiful. All of them. They're beautiful because they love their country and their families with a courage and a passion you will forever lack. All you care about is sex and death. My sisters represent life and love, and your opinion of any of them is not worth a tinker's damn because you represent neither.

You hide behind a keyboard and a false face to hurl your insults, but I don't have to know your age or looks to tell you that you're not exactly in a position to throw stones. Your own words and actions reveal your ugliness as clearly as any camera. You're a loser, anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

I know Eileen, I wish I could be a winner like the Code Pink membership. Your achievements of interrupting meetings, getting arrested and publicly acting like idiots are something I should aspire to. Moreover, your achievement of nothing other than insuring your members have criminal records is a laudable one that everyone should look to for inspiration. It is so nice to see that you THINK you are doing something important. Obviously, your life is empty if Code Pink somehow makes you feel important and full. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, it doesn't seem your comments were directed at me because I am a Ms. and have not wrote anything with sexual overtones. Nevertheless, my comments were fully directed at you!

aaron said...

In response to anonymous..

The War In Iraq Costs

Instead, we could have insured
children for one year.

Not to overdo the obvious, but your comment about CODEPINK not paying taxes is dumb, (false) and non responsive.

If you support the war, own up to its astronomical costs, and the direct squeeze it has put on state, city and town budgets across this country. We need our government to invest in productive, long-term infrastructure of our country. Why would you blow money (borrowed from China) on things that are only good for blowing up. Thanks CODEPINK.

Anonymous said...

You could have made the same argument during any war that we could have allocated those resources to something else. For example, we could have done a lot of good with all the money we spent on World War II if we spent it domestically, but would it have really done that good in the long run when we would have all been speaking German?

Anonymous said...

What is your problem "Eileen" what ever your name is. Why do you hate your country so much? Were you abuse as a child by your father or your brother? Why so much hate for your own country?

About Chavez you ignorant pig... you support a dictator that have completly ruined Venezuela the past seven years! Do you drive a car or do you have a dunkey to get around? Do you own a home or do you live in boxes in the street? Do you have food 3 times a day every day? Do you have a bed or do you sleep on the floor?

I bet that the answer to all those questions are "YES" and more "YES". How lucky you are to live in the greatest country in the world and be allowed to say what ever you want when ever you wanted it. You see, now most of the people in Venezuela since the dictator CHAVEZ took ofice cannot do the things that you choose to ignore here in your own backyard.

I was so, sorry to read that you "only" got "deported" from Pakistan. Too bad that they did not keep you and your friends there.

Where were you when HUGO CHAVEZ got into power during the CLINTON years? Where were you when low life President CARTER wrote an editorial that was published in all the nation newspapers, asking the United States goverment to leave VENEZUIELA alone because they have chosen a leader vi a "democracy"... only an idiot will believe that CHAVEZ wining by 100% is a democracy.

Where have you been the last 7 years while the people in VENEZUELA suffer because of the dictator HUGO CHAVEZ.

I cann't wait to read that you and your friends get arrested in Iran or where ever else you decided to travel next to protest against your own country.

Eileen Coles said...

So, anonymous cretin, you think that we're accomplishing nothing? What do you think YOU are accomplishing by spewing your hateful lies and garbage here? LESS than nothing, I assure you!

I "hate my country"? It is to LAUGH! I love my country, I just hate the cluetards who are running it into the ground! You have a goddamn nerve telling me that I "hate my country" after six years of honorable active duty service! I'm exercising my right to free speech that I well and truly earned for MYSELF with those years of service. You don't like it? That's your perogative, but don't sit there pretending that your views are those of the majority when they only belong to a corrupt and greedy few! Shove your stinking lies back where they came from.

Then you blither about Venezuela like it's something we need to do anything about. They are a sovereign nation and as recent elections showed they are no dictatorship. We have plenty of dirty laundry to do right here at home when it comes to corrupt and greedy totalitarian dictators.

Got any more callous, greedy lies that can't stand the light of day? Bring it, republicunt! I'll shoot em down, every one!

Anonymous said...

Venezuela is useful in pointing out the lies of Code Pinko.

Pinkos say we live in a police state, that their free speech is restricted, yet when arrested in Pakistan, what do they say but, "We're Americas, we have rights". Hey, I thought Bush took away your rights?

And the Pinkies wail about what happens here to "peaceful protsters" and how "the whole world's watching".

But let Code Pinko Stud Muffin Hugo unleash thugs with guns on peaceful protesters, and the police with rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon and coles assumes the missionary position while saying, "Then you blither about Venezuela like it's something we need to do anything about."

The whole world's watching and Code Pink looks hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, you are being hard on the Code Pink ladies there anonymous, don't you think. They are, after all doing such heroic things like getting arrested and getting criminal records. There most notable achievements are so laudable such as interrupting meetings and hearings for 30 seconds or a minute. They make themselves look like fools with their antics and street theater.

Additionally, their views are so consistent when they criticize Pres. Bush, but yet their leadership chooses to affiliate itself with the likes of Hugo Chavez.

On the whole, I would say these useful idiots have done a lot to change our course over the years ---- NOT!

Eileen Coles said...

Venezuela is useful - at least temporarily and in the presence of people without a clue - as a distraction from the main issue, which is the way that Bush is taking our rights and freedoms away one by one. However the Venezuela story doesn't last long in the light of all the other stories that the GOP has littered history with: the stories of Panama, Columbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now, Pakistan. Not to mention that whole thing going on between Halliburton and the UAE at $100 a barrel for stolen Iraqi oil.

CodePink's purpose in speaking with Chavez was to honor him for standing up to the Bush regime and not allowing them to use him as a puppet dictator for his country's OIL. I personally don't find Chavez to be the greatest leader in the universe, but we have a bigger problem right here at home, and the one good thing about Chavez that cannot be denied even by YOU assholes is that he won't allow himself to be just another tin pot puppet dictator working WITH the Bush regime to his own country's detriment.

Noriega. Osama bin Laden. Saddam Hussein. Now, Musharrif. Do you freeper cluetards REALLY think we don't remember that the GOP has been cultivating relationships with people just as bad as Chavez for DECADES? It's practically a FORMULA by now! Your complaint isn't REALLY that Chavez is a dictator. It's that HE'S NOT "OUR" DICTATOR!

Eileen Coles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eileen Coles said...

One of the funniest things about you dumbass freepers is you keep coming back here to tell us we're not making a difference.

And coming back... and coming back... as if the mere repetition of a lie will somehow make it true.

If it really WAS true, though, you wouldn't have to keep coming back to repeat it! If we're that ineffective, why can't you just ignore us? The very fact that you can't leave us alone shows us that what we're doing is getting to you, and getting to you GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Sugar, you would do a lot better volunteering in a child's ward at a hospital. Please tell us, what have you done besides get attested and look generally stupid?

Eileen Coles said...

What have we done? It is to laugh!

Rumsfeld is GONE.
Gonzo is GONE.
Rove is GONE.
Libby is GONE.

If you don't think we were a part of that happening, you're even more clueless than you appear!

Anonymous said...

LOL you give yourself too much credit. People come and go in every administration after about 4 years. 4 actually is not that bad. And, it certainly was not due to you or Code Pink.

Anonymous said...

Eileen, name one two-term or more presidential administration where no one had resigned or left after four years?

Anonymous said...


Victor A. Erdahl said...

Eileen Coles, first off. I get a kick out of posting my side of things and not hearing one single legitimate argument. I also enjoy looking at your posts to see you try to veil your anger with insults and come-backs. I'm here or kicks. I know Code Pink will keep protesting, and I don't care because the only difference you have made is closing a street for an hour and ridiculing yourselves. Thanks for the laughs though.

In fact, several of my posts have disappeared. I wonder why. Funny how Code Pink claims they advocate the "silent wishes" of soldiers and wounded veterans, although they also claim we are war criminals. But when an active serving combat veteran such as myself posts an argument that you can't argue against, some of my posts disappear. Kind of strange.

Victor A. Erdahl said...

If Code Pink wants to make some arrests, here's a few ideas.

Arrest Bill Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara A. Milulski, Tom Daschle, & John Kerry. WHY?
----Get this----

----My case----
"The community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now: a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists. If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow." -- Bill Clinton in 1998

"[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs."
-- From a letter signed by Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara A. Milulski, Tom Daschle, & John Kerry among others on October 9, 1998

You could also arrest the former President for unprovoked attacks against Iraq. Remember during the Monica Lewinski scandal, when Bill Clinton tried to distract the American public by firing cruise missiles on Baghdad? For those of you who don't believe me, it was Operation Desert Fox.

Just watch... Code Pink will make this post disappear too.

To be honest, if I were a cop I would arrest the "Pink Police" for impersonation of a police officer, and if possible false use of citizen arrest.

Eileen Coles said...

We're more interested in holding the current administration accountable for their lies and greed than past administrations. We're more interested in holding this country accountable for it's deeds than dictators of other countries, although at need as Medea has illustrated we'll go and do that too. But in general we pay attention to what's going wrong here at home.

This is because it's OUR government and it's OUR country, OUR responsibility as citizens to fix what's wrong. Very simple. Even you should understand that, you just don't want to. You're just like bratty little kids caught with your hand in the cookie jar and pointing at the dog, your brother, Hugo Chavez, Bill Clinton, it's always somebody else's fault. Well that BS doesn't fly here. Bush lied. Thousands died. He deserves to stand trial in the Hague for war crimes.

Anonymous said...

Eileen, get it straight, the real war is the war on drugs. Why don't you advocate legalization of drugs and a green environment. Focusing in on the war is a distraction from the war on drugs. All drugs should be legal. It should be our right to light up a fatty after work and not have to worry about getting arrested.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You bitch "Eileen" who ever you are if that is your real name...

How dare you make comments like this one about VENEZUELA and the DICTAROR HUGO CHAVEZ "as CodePink's purpose in speaking with Chavez was to honor him for standing up to the Bush regime and not allowing them to use him as a puppet dictator for his country's OIL. I personally don't find Chavez to be the greatest leader in the universe, but we have a bigger problem right here at home, and the one good thing about Chavez that cannot be denied even by YOU assholes is that he won't allow himself to be just another tin pot puppet dictator working WITH the Bush regime to his own country's detriment"

Ignorant, Stupid you have not idea what are you saying. I am from Venezuela. I have been in this wonderful country the USA for 22 years. I am an engineer, Hispanic women, a mother and a PROUD USA citizen by for the past 10 years.

You ignorant you have not idea what the real citizens of VENEZUELA have been suffering because of the dictator HUGO CHAVEZ. A dictator that was elected by mistake during your DEMOCRAT president CLINTON years. A DICTATOR that got his elections certified by the worst ex-president of the United States JIMMY CARTER a DEMOCRAT. By the way, the same worst ex-president that also certified the Ethiopian elections in 2005.

VENEZUELA IS NO A DISTRACTION! IT IS REAL FOR VENEZUELANS! Smart people lost their jobs in VENEZUELA all at once lost their jobs my family included because they were against him (10,000 young professionals). You cannot buy food because there is not enough food and/or the food is too expensive. People do not make enough food to eat. People cannot find jobs. The internet is being monitor constantly. I cannot talk to my family on the phone without being told by them to please, do not say anything against the government on the phone because they could get in trouble. They cannot leave the country because they cannot buy "foreign" money (THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED!). They cannot travel outside the country because they cannot afford to buy passports (they expired every 6 months to prevent people from leaving the country). The SOCIALIST HEALTH CARE system is one of the worst in the Americas. VENEZUELA has been over run by the so call “CUBAN DOCTORS” that people suspect are not real doctors. VENEZUELA has been over run by illegal aliens from CUBA, COLOMBIA and CENTRAL AMERICA because the DICTATOR CHAVEZ PROMISED THEM ALL CITIZENSHIP JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS are trying to do here in the USA to GAIN VOTES.

Military is now mandatory for EVERYONE.

Here you mind the business of Venezuelans by being friend of their worst enemy HUGO CHAVEZ. You send your idiot, ignorant women to Pakistan and then you said, "OH THEY ARE A SOVEREIGN NATION…” …THEIR PROBLEM IS NOT OUR PROBLEM…. Typical liberal ignorant democrat.... Irresponsible!

People like you make us think twice and more so, that we NEVER, EVER elect a women president. I take it back …. never ever elect a socialist, ignorant women democrat for any kind of leadership position… other than to lead in the kitchen. In addition, it is very sad the day that women were ever allowed in the military other than administrative and or health profession. The results are people like you angry, frustrated, and ignorant female.

I come to the CODE STUPID website because I cannot believe people like you live in this country. I cannot believe how a country that has been around for over 200 years plus can actually have people like you. Are you bored? Please, do not even for a second take my writing or my visits to CODE PINK as a complement instead look at it as free “freak show”…

Why did you ever bother going to the military … that is if you really were a military person. What happened? Are you a Rosie O’Donnell type? A frustrated lesbian that was rejected in the military?

What about using your time to help reduce the teenager pregnancy rate? What about using your time to attend schools and help kids learn to read?

Also, about the oil … how do you get around? Is your donkey a female or a male? How the CODE PINK traveled to Pakistan? Do they use water to fill up their planes? What a hypocrite organization? Look around you and you will see that everything that you own is made of some kind of oil byproduct. I know that because I worked in the oil industry and know how real things are made…I just do not talk about them …I actually made them!


Anonymous said...

Anon, thanks for your intelligent post. You are way ahead of the game in terms of intellect and I mean that.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice how Code Pink labels the president a war criminal, but if the president is a war criminal then it should follow that the troops are war criminals to if you follow Code Pink's logic. Yet, Code Pink does not have the balls to call the troops war criminals. They call the president one because he is an easy target and they can skate on using such hateful words. Yet, they cannot call the troops war criminals and they will not because they would not dare. They just secretly try and undermine them. Code Pink is so phony it is not even funny. I hope a smart person will complain to the IRS about Code Pink. There is a form on the IRS website to file a complaint about a group abusing its non-profit privilege. They are not supposed to be advocating a political view and having a non-profit status. If anyone wants more details let me know and I will tell you where to get the form if you want to file it.

Anonymous said...

Code Pink LIES. Two of them posed as media to gain entry to a hearing at Congress. What a bunch of phony ass holes with all their lies and staged outrage and phony events designed for their petty propaganda. I hope these useful idiot Hugo Chavez supporters got arrested.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you anon… for the positive comments dated “December 7, 2007 1:33 AM” about the REAL LIFE that my family has been going through for several years since the dictator HUGO CHAVEZ took over.

What’s interested is that when you present this crazy housewives (**) with REAL INFORMATION, REAL DATA, REAL FACTS they shut up and have nothing to say. I have been waiting for EILEN, EELEEN or what ever her name is for a comment back about the real facts and there is not answer. They speak to the ignorant and un-inform. They rely that those people probably have never read a history book in their life or do not understand logic.

In addition, I think that the real agenda of this people CODE STUPID the so call “anti-war activist is that they HATE BUSH and they hate this country. All the CODE STUPID want is to make this current government look bad. They do not care about anything else. If they care about anything else besides the HATE BUSH agenda then, they would have had the same protest in VENEZUELA several years ago that they had in PAKINSTAN. Instead they almost sleep with HUGO CHAVEZ.

(**) About my comments to previous notes regarding housewives, lesbians etc: My apologies to anyone OTHER THAN TO “EILLEN” and the other CODE STUPID women … because of their “ROSIE ODONNEL” type outraged net-behaviour (angry, frustrated, hatred remarks toward the USA military and HATE of her COUNTRY). The remarks were not made toward anyone intelligent, kind and inform person reading my notes (homemaker, lesbian or straight).

Also, please, do not take offense if you are one of those people that LOVES this COUNTRY THE USA or if you are one of those people that LOVES and SUPPORT THE USA MILITARY ...the military, the one that has been protecting your country for over 200 plus years please, do not take offend of my notes.

I urge everyone to keep a watch in all those CODE STUPID people. They cannot get away with trashing this country and your way of life any longer. It is like watching an accident in the freeway. You cannot help but to turn your head, slow down and stare but wonder how stupid is the person that caused the accident.

I know for me is the case of how lucky every person born in this country is... my kids included. Americans do no know how lucky they are and "Eilen" or what ever her name is included on that category.

Jack Shepard for President said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters : I am Dr. Jack Shepard. a candidate in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary

I am working for International dialogue between Iran and America

“we have to contact all the Imam's in New Hampshire so they know how hard I am working to stop the promised attack on Tehran by the leading Presidential Candidates at the AIPAC convention and they will know to vote for Jack Shepard.”

Please visit
I was visiting Tehran on my 3rd Visa last Month and a Middle East Campaign/peace tour.

Please listen to my video’s against Aipac and not to attack iran but make peace.

I need to talk to someone please email your phone number; we have to contact all the Imam's in New Hampshire so they know how hard I am working to stop the promised attack on Tehran by the leading Presidential Candidates at the AIPAC convention and they will know to vote for Jack Shepard.

Dr. Jack Shepard. A contender for the Republican nomination for President

I work out of Rome, Italy I am a Middle East expert
My cell # 39/335491709
Fax 39/0650933307
Web Site
If I get thousands of votes in New Hampshire Presidential Primary, people will visit my web site where I say, "As President of the United States I would immediate extend full diplomatic relations with every country in the World; especially with Iran. Only through Direct Dialogue with Iran will our mission in Iraq be successful enabling our troops to come home preventing a Major World War in the Middle East in the Very Near Future." on the front page.

If every Muslim in New Hampshire and Arizona votes for me; in the Presidential Primaries my message of peace and direct respectful dialogue with Iran will be heard and may save a promised Military attack on Iran by the other leading candidates will not happen. I need your support the New Hampshire Primary is in 3 weeks. How can I contact the Imam’s in New Hampshire and you. Can you spread my words to the Imam’s in New Hampshire, This New Hampshire Primary the whole world looks at, and so if I do well it will and may save Iran from a military attack by Hillary Clinton and the others.

May Allah Bless us with peace, and may peace be with you

Dr. Jack Shepard

I am a Presidential Candidate on the Ballot in New Hampshire Presidential Primary-Jan. 8, 2008- My campaign is to open a US Embassy in Tehran I need your or a phone # to contact all the Muslims in New Hampshire

Anonymous said...

Well, Doctor you came to the right place...

CODE STUPID is the perfect place to go if you are looking for anti-Americans that are ready to work with the enemy.

Sorry, as an engineer I had many Middle Eastern friends including Iranian friends in College.

However, your desperate message is that you are assuming that the USA is the enemy and poor Iran is the innocent victim. I see that you are looking to get some "free" noise made by the CODE STUPID crowd because you know that they will do anything to make this country and this government look bad at all cost... including jeopardizing our own security.

You do not make dialog with bullies and dictators. The only dialog that you will get is "give me some millions and then, I shut up". Remember the muslins are the ones that want to see Americans dead and no the other way around.

Get your priorities straight Doctor. What about moving to Iran and asking their leader to stop building nuclear weapons.

Supposedly, they stopped in 2003. If you believe that then, I have an ocean front property to sell you Arizona.

By the way... what planet are you from if you think that you are able to run for president on a messages "Please let's all be nice to each other and just play some games and hold hands with everyone the Chinese leader, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, North Korea and the Leader of Iran..." Uhm, very American.

Again, do consider asking for residence in Iran no just a visa. I am sure that they love to have you there.

What about asking the Oprah crowd...they are also a bunch of women looking for something to do against their goverment...

Good Luck and I know that the next rally that we will see from the CODE STUPID crowd is Iran.

At last one serious messege...the Iranian people are the PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE for their destiny and their leader no the Americans.

Americans are just responding to their leader's actions.

Jack Shepard for President said...

Dear Anonymous: Please visit my web site

I am for spreading Jesus’ words to love your neighbour’s and peace on earth good will to man.

I was Iraqi on 5 visas before the invasion. I warned my superiors do not do attack Iraq.

One of my reports I even published I wish >I was closer to the President then.

President Bush had only Israeli advisor to give him miss information like Paul Wolfowitz he was the father of attack first not President Bush.

Read the title was the

“CIA warns that an invasion of Iraq will be a major setback in the American war on terrorism”.

Was I correct or wrong??????????????????????????????????

I have been travelling the Middle East for 32 years; in 2 weeks I go to Damascus to get them to come to Washington “ I pray” to start the Israeli-Syrian bilateral Peace accord talks in early February.

You do not think the what will happen if we attack Iran, the nuclear material in the atmosphere it is said will kill 3,000,000 in the next 5 years in India and china. Another 10,000,000 over 10-15 years.

The price of oil will be 3 to 5 times the cost now. The world will go into massive recession. People will not have work. People will see the cost of all food double. Then Iran can attack every military base in the gulf region if they wish, killing 10,000’s of our American soldiers. Etc. Think. You wish this

How about the Gaza. 1.5 million People without gas, food or work. That is a night mare- but if Iran responds and Syria the whole world will and could be like Gaza.

Is not it better to get a final Middle East peace so Israel will not have to be scared what if.

Because a NIE on when the terrorism will be a nuclear bomb is 5-8 years also.

To have peace we have to have justice and fairness. Dr. King and many others said this.
Not unfair unjust American bias toward Israel because to the AIPAC Organizations buying our politicians or Blackmailing them. All major Presidential candidate but me!

AIPAC has bought the Hillary Clinton’s of this world or blackmailed them with if you do no like what Israel does you do not like Jews

Join a Jewish peace group on my web site.

In 10 years nuclear bombs will be like guns in New York, to have peace and stop the fear of using them it will only come from spreading love and not hatred.

Hatred is a tool of the devil. If you hate me for trying to save you and Israel from destruction you for sure to do believe in God.

My message is like Rabbi Hillel or Jesus, Love your neighbours. You are a non believer and if you act accordingly there is a hell and heaven. I know where I will be going. Do you?

The Jews say the 2nd temple was destroyed because Israeli did not love their neighbours.

Would America let another country but Israel kill 37 American sailors by burning them to death and injury another 171 sailor on the USS Liberty read my web site or what they are doing now for the Palestinians and other Arabs.

America is hatred because of the actions of Israel 9/11 commission report page 147, why 9/11 American unfair bias toward Israel in the Palestinian –Israeli conflict.

Because Of the uncontrolled actions of Israel. NOW THAT IS 100% TRUE

You should pray for me, because I am person who does not wish to kill others you do not like me. Because I am a person wishing world peace you do not like me. I am a just person for justice and fairness for all. I am on the ground out here I see the world you read the newspapers awesome you must be:

I pray for you to read and hear the truth. Visit I am out their going to these places so you can be safe.

In Hebron, for example the people who have lived their for 1000’s of years the Arabs have a curfew so the Jews can walk the streets but the Arabs are locked in their own house and in their own town with their market even closed,

Awesome you see what the Israeli Military Government is not supported by over 60-70% of the Jews in Israel or America.

Olmert wishes to look strong like a strong Sharon by killing and killing. He has a 6% popularity.

Look at Lebanon it was all fixed and life was going on. Then Israel destroyed the infrastructure complete now it is a hopeless problem of rebuilding etc. . . . Israel dropped 300,000,000 cluster bombs in cities 3 days before the end of the war, destroyed electrical plants and oil refinery etc. and the whole world just watched. Lebanese civilian men, women and children 10,000 are killed. Things like this make you happy.

You do not like code pink because they do not like war and killing.

You like war and killing. You go to Israel and you go to the occupied territories and you like all the Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories can kill anyone they wish. Go and kill if that makes you a man.

I would like to see you if someone massacred your family because you were where the Israel Government wished to build a fence or just take your home because they said God gave the land them.

You go and get your gun and voluntary and shut up go kill children if that makes you happy.
Rubber bullets kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You Middle Easterners should have thought of that before you declared war on Israel. Also, all the other Middle Eastern countries could have taken in the Palestinians, but they want to perpetuate war and bad feelings for generations to come and they have succeeded admirably.

NeoMandalore said...

"Pacifism for the sake of pacifism is the height of arrogant selfishness when that belief prevents you from acting to save others from harm."

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