Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Would Maria Do? Code Pink Knows

As an online activist, I am usually behind a laptop screen, but I also venture into the 'hood to do some educating on the Hill, with Code Pink, Backbone Patrol, and other groups.

Lately I noticed that women are often criticized online for speaking truth to power. Without getting too deeply into Lacanian/Derridan critical theory, let me just say that such a reaction is hardly shocking. However, when I was nominated for the Maria Leavey Award I thought, well, maybe, if I win, I will have an opportunity to address the realities of women speaking out.

Then I saw my competition: young, active, on their way up the progressive ladder. One works in Africa. I do laundry. One helps poor people with legal problems. I make dinner for activists. Another works on health care issues. I write docu-dramas. So I knew my moment at Take Back America was not to be.

I made a video anyway. I interviewed some righteous women and pulled out my photos from the past four years, and wrote myself a story to go with it: Democracy Cell Project

Here's the video:

I want the video to be shared, and not just at the grasstops gathering known as Take Back America. I hope that by listening to the words and seeing the images of women acting up and speaking out and creating and performing, we will see how to work together to end immorality, greed, war, and injustice.

So here's my Mom response to all the one-up-manship, petty bickering, name-calling, and criticism of women making peace: CUT THE CRAP.

We have a planet to save. Pass it on.


CODEPINK said...

Thank you Karen, for putting this together. It is beautiful and thoughtful and I hope is a reminder to many that YOU can do something, anything to help stop this war, or support those that are fighting to end it now.
By the way, CALL CONGRESS.
Peace, Lori

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful tribute to women, to Code Pink and to Maria. I hope it touches many hearts as it touches mine.

I look forward to my days and nights in DC. - Janet

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