Friday, June 29, 2007

We love you Eve/Rachel

Eve Tatez is an inspiration to us all at the code pink house in dc. Today she sat out back of the white house in mourning as 'Rachel' she was mourning the loss of her children. When I set out to go and support her I felt as though it would be similar to any other protest or march but sitting there watching her I was brought to tears, along with other onlookers and even journalists. As the police warned her and put up police tape meters away from her (as if she could possibly ever be a threat to anyone) I was saddened that a women in mourning could be arrested when in reality George Bush and his Cronies are responsible for what I believe now to be 3677 American solders lives, yet Eve is being cuffed and put in prison while our justice system allows murderers to continue to run our country. It is really quite shocking to me, but I guess it shouldn't be.

Her protest was beautifully done, and I believe I did see regret on many of the officers faces as they took her away. I believe and understand that they are just doing their jobs,and with the brief conversations I have had with them, most of them fully support us. They are good human beings, that are put in not so good positions. I send my love out to Eve and hope everyone will do the same. Thank you.


January Coleman-Jones


Laurie Meier said...

Eve, Thanks for being a strong representative of mothers and people-of-conscience everywhere weeping for our children- who are no more -because of war... CHILDREN WHO ARE NO MORE! How incredibly sad, the innocent victims of war... how horrible- also horrible, the permanent emotional and physical wounds. I think we all can remember back to our own childhoods and the experiences we would not have had, had our lives been taken, unnecessarily, at an early age. Thank you for respectfully representing my feelings about war (especially this's doubly treasonous).

JimPreston said...

Thanks for the nice post and photos, January. Eve's action was inspiring.

We shall overcome.

Steve said...

thank you eve !!!!
we love you

Me said...

Just keep wasting police officers' time and clogging up the courts in your narcissistic desire to be in the news.

If you really want to be heard, why not sell all that you have and buy ad space in a major paper? Or does that go beyond what you're *really* willing to sacrifice?