Saturday, June 30, 2007

CODEPINK on Current TV

Check out CODEPINK's newest video released on the CurrentTV website>>> Vote for "Prescription for Peace" by creating a free account and clicking on "greenlight". This is the video of CODEPINK ladies from around the country visiting House conferees on the 2007 Supplemental Iraq Spending Bill conference committee.

In case you are not aware, you should know that there is a fairly new sattelite TV channel called CurrentTV. It is unique in that it's programming aires in the form of 3 to 6 minutes "pods" rather than the traditional 1/2 hour or hour programs. Also, most of the programs are "viewer created content" which means that you and I and everybody can get a program on Current TV. It is similar to YouTube in that independent film makers can upload videos to the website at, however CurrentTV is unique in that people can "greenlight" the online videos to be aired on CurrentTV's sattelite channel:
Direct TV channel 366

Dish Network channel 196

ALL Time Warner Digital systems... channel 103 in NYC & 142 in LA

Comcast digital basic nationwide: Channel 107 (except Seattle and Dallas where it's 125).

So anyway, I recently set up a CurrentTV account for CODEPINK Studios DC and uploaded our first video . Please go watch, and vote for, the video interview featuring Leslie Angeline who recently passed out in Joseph Lieberman's office after fasting for 10 straight days. She has been on a hungerstrike in order to compel the Senator to meet with her conerning his recent comments about a pre-emptive U.S. military attack on Iran. Leslie recently took part in a Global Exchange goodwill trip to Iran where she fell in love with the people and especially the children.

And keep checking back to the CODEPINK Studios DC account for more videos of CODEPINK actions on capitol hill in the halls of Congress.

And while you are on the CurrentTV website check out these other CODEPINK videos I discovered that have been made by various autonomous video producers:

One Million Reasons
Video Documentary of a day of peaceful civil resistance in front of the White House gate.

Troops Home Fast
The "troops home fast" hunger strike began on July 4th 2006. This film introduces some of the fasters.

Protesting In Style
Various protesters wax "red carpet," showing off their fashionable clothing and telling us just how important their clothes are. CODEPINKers were among these fashionistas!

Grace at Camp Casey 2
Four days after Cindy Sheehan began her vigil outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, the rumor was that she and her supporters might soon be arrested. We went to “Camp Casey” the next day to help document the protest that may prove to have been a turning point in the tide against the Iraq war.

Pink Libby
Code Pink Alert dot org came to the Libby sentencing with a sign. They brought danishes and coffee for everyone. They sang a song and screamed at Libby when he left.

Okay, just thought I would let you know... pass it on as you deem appropriate.



caterliz said...

i am so HAPPY YOU are back in dc~~~

caterliz said...

Midge baby!!

back in action!!
we missed you madly

JimPreston said...

Liz jumped in quick to say how happy we are to have Midge back and how much we missed her. I wanted to be the first, but you have to get up pretty early to beat Liz!! I was up at 4:00 AM, thinking about peace, and Liz still got two comments in first. Total humiliation!!

What can I say? I may have lost this battle, but we can still end the war!! (Now that we have Midge back.)


carla carter-Lovejoy said...

What a great time in DC to fight for peace last week! Love all of you and all that you do for peace.

thos myers said...

Darth and the monkey need to be impeached, and when convicted sent to prison.