Friday, April 20, 2007

Don't Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran....CODEPINK Sings to McCain

On Friday April 20th, CODEPINK debuted The John McCain Song at the Senator's Capitol Hill Office. Inspired by his recent attempts to sing his way to war with Iraq, the women at the CODEPINK house in DC wrote a more appropriate parody of the classic beach boys tune that we call "Don't Bomb Bomb Don't Bomb Iran. CLICK HERE to see the originial version.
The day after the video of John McCain's horrible rendition of "Barbara Ann" hit the news, CODEPINK went to John McCain's office to sing his staff our response to his "Bomb Bomb Iran". We practiced it outside the Russel Senate office building, then went inside the building and occupied his office for about 10 minutes with our own CODEPINK Activist Chorus. However, before long the Capitol police showed up and told us to leave or we would be arrested, so we left the building singing our "Don't Bomb Iran Song" on the way out.


Here our lyrics- sung to the tune of "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys.

The John McCain Song

McCain will bomb bomb bomb Iran (2)
He'll bomb Iran. If he can, He'll bomb Iran. ( bomb bomb Iran)
He is abomination
Cause he wants to the bomb the nation of Iran.
Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.

Don't bomb bomb bomb Iran (2)

Oh John McCain, He is insane
John McCain ( John John McCain)
He'll wipe out a generation
If he gets to bomb the nation of Iran
Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.

Don't bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran (2)

Don't bomb Iran, be a man
Don't bomg Iran ( bomb bomb Iran)
He won't get the nomination
If he wants to bomb a nation like Iran. ( Don't bomb bomb bomb Iran)

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